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    All, We had a leak issue in the boot causing the battery compartment to fill up with water. Long story short, the transformer / voltage converter (part no 61429247159) that sits next to the battery was ruined / burnt. We have since replaced this with a brand new one (expense of £100) direct...
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    Hi guys, I have a device that i want to fit in my truck which runs off 12v. The only power plug i have for the device has an input of either 110v or 240v and transforms it down to an output of 5v. My question is, if i wired the plug into the truck, so it has an input of 12v, will it still...
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    total bewilderment is an understatement:confused
  4. General BMW Discussions
    Found it on ebay again the horror, the horror! Loving the questions though, any one on here do the honours with the megan fox one?:rofl:rofl Lloyd Apologies if its a repost