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    may be of interest apparently also up to 60% deals of tools for last min fathers day gifts (or treat yourself !)
  2. Introductions
    Just a quick hello, hopefully picking up a 2007 320d at the weekend, low mileage lots of extras so should give me years of driver happiness Already members of Honda, VW and other forums from various cars I have owned and loved so I am to contribute to this board soon Wayne Sent from my iPad...
  3. BMW Chassis and Brakes
    hey every1 i was drivin quite hard the other day not as hard as i have in my e30's as its only a 1.6 n dont go very much but when i parked up the brakes were smokin like hell and while driving i lost nearly all braking
  4. Motech Performance Shop
    HP stock HP with map NM stock NM after map BMW 1 series 1.8D 122 145 280 330 2.0D 163 193 340 400 1.8TDS 90 113 190 255 123D 204 240 400 470 135I T 306 348 400 489 BMW 3 series E36 2.5TDS 115 141 245 288...