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    Top Hat Tattoo | Tattoo Pictures | Culture | Inspiration | Tattoo Style Art | Clothing | Videos | TattooEsque
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    I have a lifetime passion for tattoos and came across this amazing tattoo artist and felt i would share her site with you
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    Air show this weekend at Fairford, anybody going, I know one member who is going. I may ride down on my mountain bike, dont mind too much because we get a free show when they fly over the house. We've had the Vulcan twice today, 2 euro fighters twice and a Spitfire and Hurricane doing the rounds...
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    Alright all, Just got a new tattoo done on my chest. Not my usual type of thing but wanted it to be a special tribute to my 8 month old wee boy (Lucas = LJ). All things fun that remind me of him over my heart. Colours will change once it has heald ie green will change to blue, orange to yellow...
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    was at work the other day and few of the lads was going on about one episode of jeremy kyle who had this bloke with a rather large tattoo,so i looked it up and here it is,,now, i have seen few things in my life,,even met few ensavoury characters and jokers alike in the line of work i do,,but...
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    ok so heres the story my mother had a mate who owned and ran a tattoo shop local to me so in good faith and understanding he was good which his hand drawings are went to get my memorial tatt was under revamp but he said its still clean and ok to do it. he asked if his mate whom was...
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    Here is my new tatt. No 17 in my collection lol What tatts have you guy's got and where??
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    ok what ya think of my 1st small script tattoo,on the inner wrist,thin skin. i no tattoos are not everyones cup of tea.but what ya think?
  9. BFuk Open Topic Saw this thread and wondered what you all thought about my new one, A BMW tattoo to me is crazy....:hihi
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    Yeah I know it sounds crazy but I want one! I'm that obsessed and dedicated to BMW. Look how crazy this guys is!: Sting like a Bimmer!
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    hi been looking at a few designs i like, but never had one done before so not sure if i should go for one with alot of detail for my 1st one :hihi not that im scared :shifty: :rofl heres the ones iv been looking at and something like this heard its gets addictive tho so not sure if i...