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  1. Not to everyones taste but i like it

    Hi all i thought i would start up a thread for my e36 compact, up until a month ago i had only ever owned fords citroens and hondas so this is my first bmw, I didnt really know what to expect. I have never really been keen on compacts to be honest, i know alot of people dont like them but i...
  2. Taste Full E46 BMW M sport :-)

    hi guys was recommend to this site buy a fellow member on another forum :-) heres my Ride all comments welcome E46 BMW 325 ci M Sport Basic Info - 76k on the clock 2 previous owners FBMWSH Auto Interior - Full M Sport Pack - Full grey leather Sport Seats- Carbon interior trim -...
  3. Heads up - Taste card membership now £29.95 PROMO CODE WEARE5

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    Brilliant deal if you like your food. Loads and loads of restaurnats you can use... 50% of bill or discounts on mains. Normally valid Monday - thursday and also on takeaways:thumbsup For full info check out their website: WEARE5 IS PROMO CODE AND I THINK...
  4. My E30 - Definitely not to everyone's taste.

    I just noticed I never showed you guys my E30 drifter. It wasn't tidy, nor a polish and clean car, and very scene. It was a 318is, with 3.91 LSD, Coilovers, I tinted the windows, sprayed it satin Black as body work was poor condition, changed bonnet, boots, both wings, chequered the roof...
  5. height of bad taste?

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    brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Lie back and think of England' :hihi
  6. A bad taste bmw of........

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    biblical proportions or is it me?
  7. Rock Stars and their bleedin ugly taste

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    Hi Folks, I'm sorry but why do big stars have to have ugly tastes? I have just been shown this and think the car is unbelieveable but WHY THE COLOUR!?!?! What ya think? Rod Stewarts old bimmer Hope it hasnt been posted already. Class--