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  1. 2003 330d auto gearbox Drive taking ages to engage

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Anybody any idea Why my automatic takes a while to engage into drive especially in morning when has not been in use? I have checked the obvious gearbox fluid level.
  2. Best place to get a valuation taking into account options

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all part exchanging my 2015 335d M Sport BMW, been given a price but just wanted to know the best place to check a valuation ? Which also takes into account added options Price I've been given is £1500 less than the 'we buy any car' website and I don't feel either had taken account of extra...
  3. 2004 e46 325ci - car jerks a lot when taking off and reversing

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Today, I turned the engine on and engine was making some vibration/shakiness to the cabin but after ~5 seconds stopped and was running normally (had AC on). I started driving and the car was jerking a lot in 1st, 2nd and less in 3rd gear and no jerkiness in 4th and 5th gear. Also, when I'm...
  4. Garage taking the pi$$??

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    so last tuesday at 10am i left my car to be repaired. engine mounting bracket (gearbox) plus handbrake wich needed new pads and shoes. called thursday and they told me should be done by monday or tuesday. called again on saturday and they told me they would call me on monday as the mechanics had...
  5. Indy garage taking a long time over rear wheel bearing? What is reasonable?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi everyone, Bit of background: Ive owned my E46 323ci for about 7 years now, never really missed a beat other than the usual little things. Done a lot of work myself covering something like 100 separate jobs when things have needed replacing, every squeak and rattle sorted as it occurs. 184k...
  6. E34 V8s .. I love them but they love taking your time and keeping you close

    I have 4 E34s, a 520i, 530i M60 , 540i M60 and 535 with 6.0 Chev power ... on a good day, so rewarding to drive .. on a bad day, every odd noise asks for your attention and sanity .. That said, after 8 years ownership, still feel good walking up to my daily driver Diamondswartz 530i despite over...
  7. Taking the dash apart to put an mp3 player into the secret compartment behind the gear stick

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    How long does it take to take apart the inside of the car so you can attach a cable to the back of the Business stereo edition of the bmw radio system so you can wire into the secret compartment behind the gearbox a little mp3 player vis an audio jack?
  8. Hit curb at around 30 taking avoiding action now Steering action feels sort of loose.

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi. I have a 2002 330ci sport. I had to take avoiding action last week due to some asshole driver. I hit the curb on the passenger side. Apart from the rim needing a refurb Now the steering wheel action in both directions seems to be looser than what it was and not as tight and positive. After...
  9. Is facebook taking over the world ?????

    BFuk Open Topic
    Don't know about everyone else, but I am getting fed up of having to log into all the apps I use and loads of other stuff through facebook, Are they aiming for world domination or something??? lol.......really p****s me off at times !!!!
  10. Hi just replaced my leon mk1 with a 320d touring - taking it to France for Euro 2016!!

    Hi, I have just bought an e46 320d touring to replace my Seat Leon mk1 due to needing a bit more space because I am going to be driving around France in June for Euro 2016 with a few mates from uni! So far I am loving it, such a nicer place to be behind the wheel compared to the leon. However I...
  11. 2002 E46 320d Touring. Fuel pump taking a long time to prime.

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I have recently bought a 2002 E46 320d touring from an elderly chap who has given up driving. It has only done 56k miles. I had noticed a strange buzzing noise coming from the in line fuel pump under the front passenger seat whilst driving. I also noticed the pump 'priming' noise when the car is...
  12. BMW slight jerking when taking off

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi I'm fairly new to this forum; I've had my brand new BMW M4 for just over a week now, absolutely love it and every time I drive it I learn something new! There's around 800 miles on the clock already (I know!) and its due its first service in a couple of hundred miles. This has happened...
  13. E60 DPF - Dealer taking the mick!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hello Picked up an E60 LCI about 2 weeks ago. The car was lovely and in immaculate condition. It had the DPF warning light on but it stated it was safe to drive for now. The dealer @ the time promised that the car would be checked free of charge and he would pass it to a trusted Indy to get...
  14. A warning and heads up for those taking their E46's in for the Airbag recall.

    General BMW Discussions
    Guys for those who are still waiting to have their cars booked in to have the recall undertaken by your local BMW dealers which I'm sure is many on here please take this as a heads up when you drop it in for the work. Ask the dealer to NOT WASH your cars. Kos who some of you know had his E46...
  15. 2007 E91 330d remap not taking

    BMW Tuning Forum
    Hi. First post here and really hoping someone can help....It may be a bit long winded so apologies. Question is: Has anyone experienced a remap not taking to the car? Details: I took the car (2007 E91 330d M57 engine) to a reputable garage for a remap - they've done loads here and have a good...
  16. 2002 E46 325ci taking long to warm up???

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi guys, am new to this online forum stuff but have come to find some really knowledgable bmw drivers. Was wondering if it's normal for my '02 e46 325ci to take around 10mins to reach normal temperature after overnight start up. Runs fine but just not sure if it should be taking that long. Thanks
  17. Who loves taking on e90s ?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I took on a E90 320d earlier in my E46 and beat it just wondered if anyone here has a similar experience. I think it depends to a degree on the driver but i still beat it :)
  18. 2008 318i - Taking longer to start

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi My car used to take longer time to start intermittently (3 probably 4 seconds - Every once in like 20 times ) other times (most of the times) it'd start up instantly. Since the last few days (and I've started the car only a few times) it is constantly taking longer to start. I just had it...
  19. Taking care of a garaged car?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello all, I'm currently thinking of purchasing a nice Alpina C1 E30 and giving it a thorough cleaning, and sitting it in my garage. I have no experience with cars being still for long periods of time, will the bushes and other rubber parts perish if left inside? Any other maintenance to...
  20. E36 328i Touring - taking shape

    Just an update on my Touring. She's had a proper clean, clay and polish, and one or two new bits. A new viscous fan shroud was needed, so I fitted that. You can get it on without removing the fan. However the little plastic fasteners came off at speed and the whole thing hit the fan and craced...