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  1. BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    So I've owned my F13 640d since March 2018, added V style spoiler, 15mm/20mm spacers, gloss black grill and wing indicator surround. Got it mapped last Sept by MSL Performance. On the dyno 320whp/424w lb ft. Amazing. Kept up with a mk1 R8 v10 from 40-110, beat a Jeep SRT8 from 60-152, held C63s...
  2. General BMW Discussions
  3. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hello all Back again with trouble regarding my 2006 E90 320d I have trouble with my new SZL part that I have bought used to be able to retrofit multifunction steering wheel. I bought all the parts necessary (plastic cover with holes for sports steering wheel buttons, MF buttons, clock spring...
  4. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi, I started to have intermittent cruise control errors on my dashboard which disappears generally in couple of seconds. Today I also realised that my horn is sometimes not working especially after steering full to right/left. Cruise control errors also generally pops up after steering...
  5. BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Good afternoon folks, I have an e60 530d 2004 saloon,. The mfsw isn't working and the airbag/seatbelt light is on. I plugged in my diagnostics, showing inpa, the following 4 fault codes showed up 951A voltage control lre lower limiting value exceeded Error code 95 1a 60 00 06 8d 43 00 17 09 2d...
  6. Diagnostic Hardware and Software Discussion forum
    Good Morning Gents What follows is a tale of woe but ultimately success. Came out to my car four weeks ago, press start, brake light in amber on, steering fault on, no cruise, no self cancel on indicator, no remotes on steering wheel, windscreen wiper only works on intermittent and can't be...
  7. Auto Electrical Forum
    I have the dreaded SZL Malfunctions error codes, cleanted my disk but still no help, so bought the reparation kitt, that have fixed it for some, but what the hell should I do with the needle :embarrassed ?
  8. BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    hey I have for the last few weeks been dogged by the infamous DSC/ABS/Steering ... etc failures I have replaced all the wheel sensors and would like to do the same for the steering angle (yaw) sensor. Catch is I dont know where it is located. HELP!
  9. BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    Morning I've been given an invoice for some £685 to replace the SZL unit & coding - which is the steering angle sensor - from my local BMW dealership. Problem is, I've only just bought the car and I'm very reluctant to fork out another load of cash. Does anyone know if I'd be able to get this...
1-9 of 9 Results