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  1. JM2100 Supercharger by Swedish Company SKR Engineering

    Supercharging your BMW
    Hi All, My first post here and an intelligent inquiry at that. I came across a swedish company called SKR Engineering that lay claim to their Stage 2 supercharger installed on a 320Ci E46 beemer will produce output curves better or equal to the E46 M3. BMW E46 JM2100 Superscharger kit...
  2. swedish honeymoon...did the earth move

    BFuk Open Topic
    for you?
  3. Swedish reporter crashes BMW M3 CSL supercharger Loaded

    General BMW Discussions
    This car for some time had the record at Nurburgring. The Crash: YouTube - Programledare kvaddade miljonbilen The Record: YouTube - Loaded BMW M3 CSL E46 record 7:22 at Nurburgring - On board M3 CSL supercharger Loaded is back after the crash as Reloaded: YouTube - LOADED Motorjournalen...
  4. Crazy swedish alien girls! - This is crazy

    BFuk Open Topic
    Not work safe, but not dodgy either. its worth watching all of it.... I think there is something very strange going on here.... not sure what!!! but in the 3rd incident...look at the damage to the car!! ALiens I tell you