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  1. Supercharging your BMW
    Hi i have a standard e46 328i please can anyone help and tell me where to start on getting more power, as i cant find any tuning guide for the 328i!!!!! and if i go for a supercharger what mods do i need to make it the engine?
  2. Supercharging your BMW
    On a vauxhall forum (migweb) they turbo cars all the time, especially the redtops! When doing so they some times use double steel headgaskets to lower the compresion so that they can up the boost! I would imagine that it is the same principle for the supercharger? So if you have a 323 and a 325...
  3. Supercharging your BMW
    Hi there ive got a 328 e46 on a 1999 t plate with the m52 engine. it is totally standard and done 90000 miles. im interested in either turbo or superchargeing it. and just wondering which would be best/easiest? also what would have to be done to the ECU ( ive herd you can just disconnect the...