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  1. Oh Lawd.....Not another one of those stupidly modified BMWs.

    General BMW Discussions
    Hey All, :thumbsup Earlier on I saw a thread about a modified "old skool" 6 series that was for sale/auction on eBay that can only be described as S**t, and it's not shot. So from the makers of similar brains and modification taste I give you this! Bmw 320 **must sell** | eBay Granted, it's...
  2. Heads up guys, stupidly cheap M3 for sale

    General BMW Discussions
    Looks like a bit of a nail but some very nice bits on it for that money! If i was in the Uk I´d have it :sarcastic Someone get it bought.
  3. My Stupidly confusing Light Idea.. Help?

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Basically.. got an E36.. just bought some CCFL Angel Eyes.. obviously setting those up as side lights.. im guessing i can run them off the side light wiring without any issues? and always.. im thinking of wiring my current side lights, up to my low beam.. but not sure how hard it is too run...