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    Have a great day mate....:D:thumbsup
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    some of you may have seen my post on learning guitar, well StK took loads of time out to do some black magic and send me a huge amount of video lessons, way more than I expected. So THANKS StK:thumbsup
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    Hey guy's Just a quick thank's to Steve Stk as we all know him as :D for sending up my new battery cover as my battery is now in my boot after it's conversion but didnt have the part to cover the top off it and Steve kindly offered me 1 at a nice price,so just sending out a thank's P.s and i...
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    South African Police chase...:rofl YouTube - Police Pursuit - 97.4 Rock FM
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    As title - who runs the show?
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    For those of you that didn't know, stk got married yesterday. Congratulations:applause and all the best for the future:thumbsup Now it's time to put the practice into action and produce a "Daddy's Little Helper" of your own;) :thumbsup