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  1. E46 stance fan

    Hi guys Big BM fan and love the E46 looks I've had mine as a daily driver for a couple of years now, I'm in the forces and currently serving in Cyprus. Great weather but terrible roads! Speed bumps everywhere! Not great for a stances car! The aim is to get the car looking clean and wide...
  2. E46 MV2 Stance help

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hey guys I'm trying to get the stance on my 46 right, I'd like to keep it on MV2's for now until I find a set of AC Schnitzer Type 2 split rims The M sport suspension is tired and worn so I'm slowly updating it all. Started with front Meyle control arms but just purchased: .15mm spacers...
  3. 318ti Techno violet clean out, Stance down, power up

    Hi, Recent 318ti m package in TV, on a 2000 plate bought as part of a partial mid life crisis. Had one a few years back and was gutted I had sold it. that avus and a really straight car. This one needs a few cosmetics and de-chaving to get it looking stock( hence the avatar) but...
  4. Daily ride stance

    General BMW Discussions
  5. Ultimate Stance car show @telford convention centre

    General BMW Discussions
    Ultimate Stance car show @telford convention centre 2015 see u next year was great many other pics but no time to upload so ENJOY !!!!
  6. E39 Stance

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Im a new E39 owner, I will be doing a build thread this weekend once a few parts arrive. I'm and ex-e46 m3 owner...just had to downgrade due to business venture. I'm in the process of buying some rota grid drift for the car - 18x10j et20 all round, im confident these will fit and fit well then...
  7. New Owner Of E91 Touring

    Hi all, My name is James, 25 year old draughtsman based in Worcestershire. 3 Weeks ago i bought myself another BMW, this time a 2007 318d E91 Touring. 1 Female owner from new, Full BMW service history with only 91k on the clock, i was pretty chuffed. Having had a few BMW's in the past...
  8. One off? Monte Carlo blue e93 335 build, CSL's coil overs etc

    Hey guys, Lex here again, from Luton, UK. Again I hope this is the correct section, feel free to move.. Im a body repair/painter and cant stop messing around with BMWs! Some of you might have seen the post I made of the white 325i e92 I freshened up transformed and sold to my pal.. well I will...
  9. E92 build, ibis white, black roof, 20 inch x5 wheels, stance

    Hi guys, im Lex from Luton, UK.. ive been appreciating everyone elses cars on here so thought id share two of mine (this one and my new e93 build) I hope I have posted in the correct area, my apologies if not feel free to move. original specs: BMW 325i e92 SE model sapphire black metallic auto...
  10. 20" Staggered OEMS STANCE SC7
    Hi Guys/ Girls 20" Staggered OEMS STANCE SC7 Wheels In Stock!! 20x9 Front 20x10.5 Rear - Massive Concave Available in Multiple offsets in 5x112 and 5x120! 20inch Staggered price £899 PM further details or contact us direct thanks Dave [email protected] tel. 08442643390
  11. 18" D154 - Lower offset for some serious stance, or 5 Series!

    The D154 is freshly released, and fresh looking! It comes in 18x8.5 ET30 and for a low and modified BMW these are the icing on the cake - as soon as I can find myself a 130i LE and convince my wallet to let me buy one, I hope to get pictures up of these fitted! Prices are £198 per wheel -...
  12. stance project e36 218is

    stance project e36 318is hi everybody. i'm new here and sorry for my bad english. my name is daniel and i'm from italy. i just got my e36 318is and bought some bbs lm replicas 17x8 et38 front and 17x9 et40 in the back. now i would like to lower it so i need your help if it's possible. what kind...
  13. 1992 bmw 320i wheel fitment

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hi guys im new here. I live in Canada and I own a 92 320i (eurospec) its rhd and I want to lower it and get a nice stance. I want to have wide tires in the back and staggered set up. I want to slam the car and have it as low as I can go. Any of you guys have suggestions for sizes and...
  14. 1998 e36 m3 evo

    Hi to all, I'm running hr springs on 18's which I can no longer indure. I'm looking to upgrade my suspension and wheels to style 5's, so im gonna need a serious drop. But I would also like a certain degree of comfort, if such kits exist. Any info would be appreciated. Cheers
  15. Lowering - Stance Advice.

    BMW Chassis and Brakes
    Once i have completed the audio side of my car (Induction - Exhaust) i am moving onto the way she stands. I would like my Bimmer to sit there on the curb and look mean without being silly low, What im looking for is a more aggresive look without going over the top. The car need to be able to do...
  16. e46 320d Coupe Project Thread

    Hi All Been on this forum a while now and not posted up much about my project so far so heres a quick update. When I bought it.. One of the more later pictures of the car.. On way back from players show 2013
  17. Roddy's E46 Stance Build

    Hey Folks, A few of you may remeber me from my last build possibly, and the last couple things i started to build and where offered good money for so sold on.. Anyway im back again and here to stay this time in form of a E46 this time for a change and to try and be diffrenet from all the...
  18. e46 touring 8.5j 9.5j stance problems

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    hi everyone got myself a bmw e46 tourer 320d after selling the e36 coupe was told we need a family car :mad so ok I let her have that one so I went and got the tourer, now next was getting it some wheels so I got a nice deep dish set off ebay 8.5j on the front and 9.5 on the rear oh and there...
  19. 2002 320d Topaz Saloon Stance Project 'WOBI'

    Hi Guys Its been quite a while since I last started a progress blog so bear with me. I bought the car arouind 9 months ago completly standard from an auctionhouse I work at and have been in love ever since. It is my now 10th BMW even though I am only 21, I still own one other which is my E36...
  20. Hello. People

    Hello everyone. I ma massive Bmw fan. i m on me 3rd E36. 1st had a 318 and now have two 328 tourings, A drift touring and practical stance touring and now looking for a 328 coupe or covertible to replace the drift touring. siiiiccccck :jaw-dropping