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    Looks very nice. From the article: There's no shortage of special edition BMWs prepared exclusively for the Japanese market as another one has just been introduced in the land of the rising sun celebrating the one-two win of the BMW Sports Trophy team in the Super GT series with a Z4 GT3. 10...
  2. BFuk Open Topic
    My last ever THREAD on so a goodbye really from spirit Its no secret im not happy with the donation side and the corporate takeover of the site so this is basically a goodbye thread to you all and thanks for all your help,thanks and banter in the time i have been here but i...
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Well tonight after a 12 hour shift i was driving home and coming over a brow of a hill hit a slippy oil? patch and lost it big time and then sideways slide hit a curb with both wheels on drivers side and flew over a curb across some grass. really shook up and one bbs wheel damaged at least and...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    As some of you know by my thread or know me personally I've not been well for the last 4 months or so and have undergone many blood test and scans due to internal problems that I ignored too long the warning signs and became very ill. I have been given the all clear today even though I'm still...
  5. BFuk Open Topic
    Met up with forum member mathew325 today to have a chinwag and as a bonus he reset my service lights also and has the leads i need for running my bmw software i have on my laptop for fault finding and resetting stuff. sound guy who knows his stuff also and no attitude...
  6. BFuk Open Topic
    Well ive just got back after being up at sillyoclock taking the family and er indoors family on a steam engine from sheringham to weybourne(think thats how its spelt) to see santa for the kids and then of course as is tradition in my household we stopped at a local pub on the way home and i ahem...
  7. General BMW Discussions
    If you didn't know mate.....
  8. BFuk Open Topic
    its finaly happened your beemer is in readers section of pbmw.
  9. BFuk Open Topic
    So how is this being away from the forum to learn the Guitar and have a rest going this time Andy :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl
  10. BFuk Open Topic
    My boss has spotted it on my screen while I'm checking out the forum and came over to my desk,I thought he was going to have a word but just said "That's nice, any more pics?":rofl Then called every other bloke in the office over to check it out:lol
  11. E36
    1995 bmw 328i coupe e36 auto lowered 25 mm 17 inch bmw cross spokes-not sure on width but wide as hell leather interior full bmw history m3 front end pics to follow as camera broken upgraded stereo system m3 exhaust