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  1. Getting rid of my e90. Official roof bars and xtrons touch screen being sold

    BMW Parts for Sale
    I'm giving up on the e90 318i I've been trying to enjoy. As much as I love the looks and comfort, its been the worst car for breaking down that I've ever owned. So many oil leaks and general component failures I've hardly had time to enjoy it. What's worrying is the amount of similar cars for...
  2. 435d XDrive Sold by BMW with non genuine suspension.

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello, This is my first post on here so apologies if it is in the wrong place. I purchased a 64 plate 435d Xdrive from BMW approved garage on BMW finance in July last year. Recently I have noticed the drivers side running very low so booked it in at my local BMW garage. I have been told that...
  3. Sold my E46

    General BMW Discussions
    It was with a heavy heart that I did it but it was time, the best car I've had to date and thanks to the help on this forum the only people to touch her have been me and the MOT tester. Bought off a mate four and a half years ago, the Nurburgring decal was when he drove Wendy Woo over to the...
  4. Reluctantly the 840 has been sold

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    I have traded in my 98 plate 840ci sports individual for an X5 with a local trader and will be moving on to that section of Bimmer forums. The X5 I have bought is a 53 plate 3.0 diesel and has been exceptionally well cared for. Didn't achieve what I expected as a trade in but then these guys...
  5. been sold a bit of a nightmare!! e46 330d se 127000 miles. rough running!!

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    just joined and liking all the info on here! where to start bought the car 2 weeks ago and it drove fine on the test drive! then it cut out twice at junctions on the way home and started after a lot of effort then the 3rd time it wouldn't start as fearing for the starter motor etc... left it...
  6. Sold an approved 640d MSport that's been in an accident

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, I need to ask for your advice regarding the fact that I believe my car (640d MSport) has been in an accident. I bought the car about 12 months ago from an approved BMW Dealer. The car was 2 years old at that time. Outwardly the car seemed fine, However since then I had quite a few...
  7. How many were sold?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    I was wondering how many of which colour E36 4 door M3's were sold in the U.K?
  8. 320d ES bought from main dealer sold to me with 5 spd gearstick

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi, In 2011 I bought a 2004 320d ES from a main dealer in Salisbury. It was sold with a 5 speed gearstick,and my previous BMWs had both had 5 speed gearboxes so I didn't question this. I did always think it a bit weird that my 320d didn't have 6 gears, as others in the small ads do, but...
  9. Sold car by PayPal - now a bit concerned

    General BMW Discussions
    Just sold my old 7-series (spares/repair) on eBay for a sensible sum of money (850 quid). It's neither a stupid offer nor cheap. They guy has paid me in full by PayPal and is coming to tow it away tomorrow. He says he already had funds in his PayPal account. I'm not worried about the fees - it's...
  10. saw a CiC ebay sold for £500 another ebayer brought listed for £1,000 lol

    Car Audio, ICE, Car Alarms, Mobile Phones, I-Drive
    saw a CiC unit on ebay for sale was about to buy it but missed out sold for £500 another ebayer brought it and listed for £1,000 trying to double his money lol for the same unit heres original auction: BMW e60 / E61 5 Series CIC Satnav | eBay his double up price lol: BMW E60 5 SERIES CIC...
  11. Just sold my mx5 turbo and coming back to a bmw hopefully!

    Hi all, I was on here a fair while ago when I had my e36 323 which I sold on and went through another 5 or so cars then bought an mx5, painted it nato green, dropped it, turbo'd it and done a lot of little mods. However my laptop decided to die meaning mapping it was going to cost a bunch of...
  12. E60 is sold

    BFuk Open Topic
    Sold my baby yesterday. Kinda sad but now on the hunt in the uk for my next BMW. Looking at 645 ci now. Wish me luck.
  13. Sold The Coupe!!! Gutted is an understatement!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    sold my e36 m44 coupe but got a fair deal, £900 and a 2001 cheap runner punto 1.2 with 70k fsh years mot and tax and the wee thing is in fab con!! but after loving the bmw and loving driving it i really want another asap as the punto just is not my cup of tea!!!!
  14. Project spirit e36 328i coupe-the blood ,the sweat ,the tears....Now Sold

    1995 bmw 328i coupe e36 auto lowered 25 mm 17 inch bmw cross spokes-not sure on width but wide as hell leather interior full bmw history m3 front end pics to follow as camera broken upgraded stereo system m3 exhaust
  15. '99 E36 318iS Coupe - Subtle Mod Project [Now Sold]

    Finally got round to making a thread here about my car. Not done much to it since getting it in January, but I haven't got too much money available to spend on it. However I will be adding new rims by the end of the year, see below for a couple of the styles I'm considering. I plan on keeping...
  16. 1997 E36 323 - Melted wiring loom (CAR SOLD)

    Auto Electrical Forum
    I've just had a slight problem with the car. There was a short on the central locking system and the fuse didn't blow. Long story short, smoke in cabin, warning lights everywhere. I've had an electrician out and took a quick look at it. The wire for the central locking is completely burnt out...