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  1. Has it been snowing ???

    BFuk Open Topic
    Seems you all are a little under the weather so I thought I would post a picture of the massive snowdrift in my garden. It's melted now:lol
  2. Woohoo i've waited all christmas and its finaly snowing (bit late but still)

    BFuk Open Topic
    A few piccys and its still coming down strong i get to teach the little one about snowballs yippeee:thumbsup:D
  3. Aww, MAN! It's snowing!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    It's just started snowing here..... :frown I bloody well hate snow! I don't think it's cold enough to lie though. Fingers crossed, anyway! It's been raining today, so hopefully that'll help prevent lying too.
  4. Its snowing in

    BFuk Open Topic
    Only just noticed the snowing effect on the forum today, its a nice touch, although I did think my eyes were f%$kin up to start with:rofl:rofl Nice one, whoever did it:thumbsup:thumbsup