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  1. Snetterton 300 - BMWCC Trackday - Nov 7th

    National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    BMW Car Club On Track Season Closer Snetterton 300 Circuit Wednesday,7th November 2012 Exclusive booking Open Pit Lane Capped entry – I’m keeping this one down to just 60 cars. Noisy (105db static - no 'drive by' here) Free ARDS instruction Friendly club atmosphere Everyone and everything...
  2. Bmw's in the Kuhmo @ Snetterton

    Motorsport and Drifting (BMW related)
    Just thought i'd share some pictures of the BM's racing yesterday, very competitive and very enjoyable day out, had a walk around the pits area and the drivers were more than willing to spend time and have a chat.. And 3 more for luck...not BM's but worth a few pics...
  3. CSL Cup 2010 - Snetterton Race 1 - Car 11 (Team Schirmer)

    BMW Competition Corner
    Hi Folks Here's the video from race 1 at Snetterton last weekend. As some here know (especially Martyn :D) I'm racing my e46 racecar in the CSL Cup series in the UK, which is a race series dedicated to racing BMW M3s. It was mildly damp!! I qualified 2nd, 0.5...
  4. BMW M3's CSL cup at Snetterton including forum member Steve Gill

    General BMW Discussions
    Not 100% sure where this should go, so if in the wrong section could a mod re-direct please.... Had a trip to Snetterton to watch the M3's in the CSL cup including forum member Steve Gill.. (number 11 in the pictures) so...thought i'd share some pics. Three generations of the 3's E36 E46 and...
  5. Snetterton , great and british festival today

    BFuk Open Topic
    The mrs said it was a house cleaning day so i was off like a whippet :hihi Took a ride to Snetterton to see a good day of racing including some flying M3's Heres a few pics.....