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  1. My new 330cd M Sport....Love at first sight *lots of pictures*

    Been on the forum for a few months, i posted a thread in the general section to say i was on the look out for a motor....well after 2-3 months of checking pistonheads, ebay and auto trader everyday, i finally found one that ticked all the boxes. Not really a lot planned for it as don't warrant...
  2. witnessed an awsome sight today

    BFuk Open Topic
    saw a hell of a thing in northampton today, an audi a4 diesel came off the m1 onto the a45, it was giving it some when a RED MG MEASTRO p*ssed all over it, made my day
  3. New to the sight

    Hi to everbody on here !! have owned bimmers for the last 15 years so thought it was about time to get on here !! Cheers Paul
  4. hi people new to the sight

    hi people my names mark iv have a green 316 compact i no its the girly 1 but im only 19 n its a start thanx mark
  5. Keep your valuables out of sight!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Just got home about 1:15am this morning, only to find 2 police cars with about 4 coppers holding a couple of hoodies down on the ground. About another 5 officers were hunting the area and gardens. Apparently a couple of streets away, some chaps car got broke into, and the hoodies matched the...