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  1. Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, just to let you know that you can benefit from Chris Knott's UK Breakdown Cover discount offer this month - Our comprehensive cover (which includes HomeStart) normally costs just £63 for the year...
  2. Introductions
    Hello! Short intro - I've been into cars since i was 16. I'm now 37! Had fun in non work related turbo cars, then into company cars (less fun) but now into a company allowance funded 335d xdrive touring 2017 model in tanzanite blue as of end of September 2017. WOOOOO! Less short intro - I've...
  3. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hello guys, I am very frustated and I was seriously thinking to sell my BMW. It is a E46 320d from September 2001 and the problem is that it doesn't have power when I accelerate, for example if I press the acceleration it needs time to rev up slowly and then when it gets close to 2200/2400 revs...
  4. Chris Knott Insurance
    Hi, Those who follow Chris Knott's forum activity will know that we regularly offer tempting prizes to reward members who ask us for a quote. This month is no exception as we launch the September Special. Simply ask us for a car quote this month and we'll enter you into our draw to WIN upto...
  5. General Meets Discussions
    anyone attending im not usually into racing my own car or walking around car shows but if the weathers good i may give it a try ive never been to santa pod may even enter the show n shine section with my old E46 anyone else going or been before whats it like? BMW Show - Enthusiast Car Event
  6. Midlands Region Meets
    Right guys. We need 10+ confirmed attendees to be considered as a club. I'm definitely going to this. Is anyone interested in showing their wheels off?? Sent from Free App
  7. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Right guys. We need 10+ confirmed attendees to be considered as a club. I'm definitely going to this. Is anyone interested in showing their wheels off?? Sent from Free App
  8. Motorsport and Drifting (BMW related)
    Hiya, I noticed there are quite a few BMW's signed up for the trackday at donnington on the 16th and I was wondering if anybody from here was going?
  9. South East Region Meets
    Hi All, its that time of the month once again :) Now, theres been one slight edition to this meet, and that's the location. We now meet at a lovely pub, with a large sized car park WHO ALLOW our presence only round the corner from bluewater (closer still to the M25 / crossways) namely, The...
  10. North West Region Meets
    I should be going to this meet, looks like its going to be fairly big, just if anyone is interested heres the facebook event page: Far-out end of summer meet | Facebook
  11. North West Region Meets
    Would be cool to see some more BMW`s down here:thumbsup
  12. Southern UK Meets
    right i've started this thread to get some names down from people in sussex who are planning on going to this, to see if we can organise a convoy to drive up early on the 16th(sunday) of september or possibly drive up saturday afternoon/evening and camp. dont know if im camping yet all depends...
  13. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Venue : Santa Pod Raceway 15 & 16th Sep 2012 Airfield Road Podington Wellingborough Northants NN29 7XA England Please put your names down on the list below if you wish to bring your car onto the Forum Stand on Sunday 16th September at the Santa Pod BMW Show 2012. Stand spaces are...
  14. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Hi guys Well firstly let me explian that i will not be attending or sorting out the shows this year, due partly to not having a Bmw, but dont PLEASE let that stop you guys, this is a fanstastic weekender with great members and a bloody good laugh if you staying on the sat/ sunday Camping is...
  15. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Ok, reasom for the post is I had 10 minutes to look at it before it got locked into my wife's work last night so need it running ASAP or to drag it home on a rope. History: This has happened once before. This was cured by using the key switch in the top of the third party alarm system to...
1-15 of 26 Results