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  1. scum bags

    BFuk Open Topic
    Mark Moss Autobrite direct have some bad news. From all of the agony of a death in the family last week we were awoke this morning by a phone call to say our unit has been broken into and stock has been stolen! Please share this post as we have ex amount of flex polishers, kranzle pressure...
  2. Letter I've sent to parking scum

    BFuk Open Topic
    Just thought I'd share this. It's a long letter but worth reading I think. I went to Morrisons today with my 4 week old daughter in the M3. When I got back some cheeky sod had put a notice (not a fine) on my car that said 'You have parked in a space reserved for customers with small children...
  3. Stealing pikey scum!

    BFuk Open Topic
    My brother and I are doing a job at the moment replacing someones guttering. We're replacing all of the original 1930's metal guttering with modern plastic stuff all round the house, a pretty big house too. Anyway we've left the old guttering we've taken down in the clients driveway (I asked...
  4. stupid scum bags

    BFuk Open Topic
    i just stopped at a shop at a ruff area in sunderland tonite and come back out and a random grown guy who was drinking on the street walked over and put a knife in me tyre and walked off, me m8 was sat in the car and i didnt have me bat in the car so he had to sit and watch em do it and then...
  5. There are some right scum!

    General BMW Discussions
    Woke up this morning to find my wing mirror hanging off by the electric cable :( And to top it off, it was the side of the pavement, so a car hadn't even hit it! some little scumbag specifically kicked it off! So not only do I now need a new wing mirror, it has made a massive dent on my door...
  6. theiving scum..

    BFuk Open Topic
    Neighbour just knocked on my door to tell me three hooded lads were round my car taking photos of the wheels and they then moved onto my other neihbours car(Porche) and took photos of his before taking off in Audi when they were disturbed...rang the police but will have to sleep with one eye...
  7. Biker 1 - 0 Scum, justice at last

    BFuk Open Topic
    Anyone else see this video? Some yob picks on a random guy in his own property and harrasses him and urges him into a fight for ages, eventually the guy knocks the yob out in one go and the yob crawls off the guy's property. Just so turned out the guy he picked on was a Gulf War veteran, a...