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  1. BMW ECU Tuning and Standalone Tuning
    Hi, I think I’m missing the script in INPA for my car. When I select e90 and then my engine type in the drop down menu, I get the error D60M47A0 found. Program will be stopped. (I’ve tried other engines, models/engines.) Pretty sure it’s M47TU, maybe M47TU2. 2005 E90 320D, 161bhp I think. I...
  2. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi all, Just doing work on my car and have slight problem with the realoem diagrams.... My car is E93 with N47 engine and is pre lci. Log book says Oct 2008. Problem is many realoem diagrams are only correct when i select the LCI version. When I select what my car should be it show incorrect...
  3. BFuk Open Topic
    Can some one help, i am trying to post in ebay and keep getting an error message, Your listing cannot contain javascript (".cookie", "cookie(", "replace(", IFRAME, META, or includes), cookies or base href. what is this? what is a javascript? i have tried to write the listing with 1 word and it...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    anybody else becoming thoroughly f*cking P*ssed off and arrrrrghhh really feckin angry by all the java script adverts and animations every f*ckin where ya go on the net? theres [email protected] memory and CPU chomping java adverts shite everywhere!!!! realoem [email protected] java script youtube more [email protected]
  5. BFuk Open Topic
    ok what ya think of my 1st small script tattoo,on the inner wrist,thin skin. i no tattoos are not everyones cup of tea.but what ya think?