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  1. 4 e36 M3's, 1 E46 M3 and a Scooby - Park Royal Leisure Park

    BMWs spotted - The 'Was it you? forum!'
    I think I saw 2 Blue M3 convertibles (e36) 1 Yellow M3 Convertible (e36) 1 Red Coupe(e36) 1 "cant remember the colour" (sorry!!) M3 Convertible (e46) 1 scooby All of the above went to the petrol station on the leisure park. I was in the white Mercedes ML opposite the blue E36 with the US...
  2. long time no see some of my scooby pics ;)

    BFuk Open Topic
    I was asked by Chris to make a thread so I thought I would :thumbsup can you guess whats going off here :eek:confused LOL You guessed it, its a clutch change and a pretty easy job compred to the BMW :cool having a service Fully undersealed and a nice video of a...
  3. Remember that Scooby ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Remember that Scooby that I borrowed from a friend and was pottering about in a little while ago ? Well thats gone..... Now look what he's gone and part ex'd it for Barstwerd :lol Nice car - And I LOVE the sound of it :thumbsup
  4. Scooby

    BFuk Open Topic
    Remember that Scooby I was pottering about in the other week when I was doing my M50 conversion ? This morning, my mates had it on the rolling road, and apparently pulling 248hp :jaw-dropping As far as we were aware, the only things it's had done is a stupidly large exhaust, and de-cat. Is it...
  5. Scooby vs 328 ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    As you might be aware, i'm doing the M50 manifold conversion on mine this weekend, and all work halted yesterday because I need some more pipework, and the shops aren't open until tomorrow morning for me to continue the conversion.... In the mean time, my mate has lent me his Scooby..... And...
  6. Sold the Scooby and bought a BMW

    General BMW Discussions
    Though I got a E30 touring as a working project which I aint started yet, I was driving the Scooby and missing my BMWs so I sold the Scooby and got me another BMW. I love the satnav, aint had that or used it before and having a TV in the dash is awesome the kids love it, it got loads of nice...
  7. First Bimmer (ex. Scooby owner!)

    Hi all I just bought my first bimmer ever :) I had 3 scoobies previously! I didn't like the new shape scoobies so I decided to have a change. I've got a BMW E60 530D M Sport on a 56 plate in Silver grey metallic. Very pleased with it so far. Still haven't learnt all of the controls yet...
  8. One dead Scooby

    General BMW Discussions
    Was not sure where to post this but thought you guys might like to see my dead Scooby R.I.P................. Thats Rest In Peices lol. Before the accedent she was looking really nice>>>>>>>>>> :mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad:mad Bloody old people should be a law against them being on the...
  9. scooby slayers

    BFuk Open Topic
    years ago there was a group going called scooby order to be able to have a scooby slayers sticker you had to beat a suburu and have it witnessed by someone already in the club :D..they mostly used cossie's with the odd tuned there still such a thing????
  10. px'd my scooby sti for a 328 cabrio v reg 2000 this is a e36?

    Hi this is my first post! I took a px against my Subaru wrx sti on satarday, This is secound BMW i have had. ( i had a p plate 325i for a few months ) The new car is a 2000 plate v reg cabrio i have the bill of sale from new and every bit of paper work for the car including full Bmw service...
  11. Scooby Dooby Didn't... Track day Nitemare

    BFuk Open Topic
    This one didn't quite make the corner:frown As for the Porsche? Some people just have far too much bloody money, what a waste:mad