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    Here's a few videos of my Z4 E85 3.0i vs E46 M3 convertible at santapod bmw show and Curborough. Ok he got a bad start over revving and possibly spun his wheels on start but a wins a win and I was off like a rocket. He had a supercharged M3 I could see him gaining in my mirror but weight...
  2. General BMW Discussions
    Last year was good we don't ever have a club stand not sure why but I'll be there again on RED zone pop by see our cars on modified bmw owners stand some really nice models. You can still pay entrance on the gate if you haven't got a ticket also RWYB is an extra £25 to sign in. Have a look at...
  3. General BMW Discussions
    Who's going ??????????????? Anyone form north uk or north midlands want to convoy down to northampton ?????????? USC Ultimate Street Car - Modified Car Show / Event Santapod 2015 calendar Santa Pod Raceway - Calendar
  4. General BMW Discussions
    who's going ?????????????????????????????????????????????? BMW Show - Enthusiast Car Event Santapod 2015 calendar Santa Pod Raceway - Calendar
  5. BFuk Open Topic
    fews pics i shot at fastshow santapod on sunday great weather proper sunny you missed a good one fellas
  6. BFuk Open Topic
    The fast show Santapod 21/22 march anyone attending?...gonna be epic RWYB till late The Fast Show - Performance & Modified Car Event - March
  7. BFuk Open Topic
    The Fast Show - Performance & Modified Car Event - March anyone going i just got myself some tickets kids go FREE!!!! not normally into group or forum meetups but gonna be on stand with bmw E46 owners UK and bmw E46 modified clubs £18 per ticket or £30 for weekend ticket. Im only doing the...
  8. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    Every year I'm there, and I'm gutted that so far the three forums I'm active on are not doing a stand? What's gone wrong guys???
  9. National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    :thumbsup hi all, whats happening with santa pod this year?. I know last year someone was saying it was being booked through other site members are with, if so could you let me know the site.:thumbsup
  10. South East Region Meets
    hi, I was wondering if anyone from the south/south east was going up to santapod on the saturday and camping over and fancied convoying up there, cheers
  11. Introductions
    Just signed up today to see if anyone is heading down from the north east or yorkshire area, and if anyone has planned any meeting points to get a bit of a convoy goin? (nothing to do with needing to follow someone due to my hopeless sense of direction) :cool
  12. Motorsport and Drifting (BMW related)
    I took my 96 328i coupe up the strip today, Its completely standard in every way and got a 15.2 quarter mile. Roughly what i thought it would do.... Now its time to start improving on what ive got, My mate went today with another E36 328i coupe but his had LSD diff and full M3 exhaust...
  13. BFuk Open Topic
    Guys, I have 2 tickets to santapod but im jw can you buy tickets on the day? Cheers
  14. BFuk Open Topic
    Alright there, Im going to the BMW show at santapod on july 10th is anyone from here attending this? if you are hope to see you there! :) Cheers charlie
  15. BFuk Open Topic
    As title really :hihi I found a torch in the boot of my car this morning(first time I have been in the boot since Santa Pod) :hihi so if you are missing a torch then PM me describing the torch and I shall endeavour to get it back to you :thumbsup And no I didn't find anything else in the...
  16. General Meets Discussions One of the last big Santa Pod events of the year so am thinking about popping along for the day and as another person has expressed interest I thought about turning it into a bimmerforums mini-meet :cool Anyway all details of the show are in the link at...
  17. General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, went to santa pod on Sat/Sun, much much less grip than the road! Best time was a 15.26 car is a touring 328i automatic completely stock with running in mileage of 143,000. Which as it turned out wasn't too shabby looking at stock times, i think a 328i is 15.00 (manual). E36 evo...