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  1. Why do people ruin nice cars badging them up different !!

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    How embarrassing just been behind a really nice white e92 2011 plate a really nice example but oh no wait stickers all over the rocker and a genuine m3 badge on the tailgate , why oh why ruin a nice looking car making yourself look an idiot , fair enough someone might think oh what a nice m3 but...
  2. Will 19 inch wheels ruin the ride

    General BMW Discussions
    The time has come to get rid of the dreadful replica wheels on my motor, and the obvious choice has to be some CSL style ones... Just trying to decide between 19" and 18" ones at the moment. Does anyone run 19s on a 330? I'm worried it will f*/k the ride up, I've put big wheels on cars before...
  3. how to ruin a vert, or is it just me?

    General BMW Discussions
    why would you do this????? BMW Zeemax Convertible M3 EVO SKyline Type R AMG Brabus | eBay
  4. Project, try not to ruin it!

    ok so this is my 1st BMW and things are good,it drives nice and i have no problems at all,so the plan is to try not to ruin that!:hihi some pics for ya.... and thats how it came,although the seat had some wear everything else was my first job was to try and sort the seats out...
  5. HOw to ruin £200 tyre in a few miles

    General BMW Discussions
    Had a puncture on my way to work this morning on my n/s/r. Unfortunalty i dodnt know about it as i didnt feel it i was only crusing to work at about 60 :mad. Found out when i pulled into work and our driver pointed it out. This what heat build up ona flat sidewall does to a tyre ina few miles...