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  1. e36narv, gunner1, e36nickd - Thanks to RJB328i on work done today

    General BMW Discussions
    Well its been a day working on the cars, 3 wish bones changed, track rod end, alternator changed, induction kit fitted and some other bits and pieces:thumbsup Looks like Bill really enjoyed it and Barb just sat back and soaked the sun in the garden. Thanks to mum and dad for the loan of the...
  2. Donations to RJB328i

    BFuk Open Topic
    well time has come people... im going to shave my head in aid of getting ralph some hair :rofl:rofl:rofl:rofl everyone who owns a vert has to do the same to help RJB out :thumbsup ralph check your post in the next few days son :rofl:rofl:rofl :thumbsup
  3. thanks rjb328i

    BFuk Open Topic
    wife come home from work had problem with central locking i dont know much about cars only how to clean them:hihi so phone ralph up he said check the fuse which i did and it was blown also found out that the fuses are in blocks which tell you on the lid :confused change fuse and it works i would...
  4. Congratulations to RJB328I - NOW A MOD..:)

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well after all the work that Ralph has put into the meets and his input on the forum...weel done mate:thumbsup As many of you know Ralph has become a household name on here and I for one am pleased that the Mod team have given this title to him...well deserved:thumbsup Again well done...
  5. Rjb328i Taking A Back Seat Until The Nationals

    General Meets Discussions
    Well Chaps Due to resent events i will be nolonger be carrying out any further monthly meets until after i have completed doing the Nationals this year, but will be on hand to advise or help any members wishing to give them ago, i will however been keeping an eye just to ensure it is all keep in...
  6. mrs rjb328i he gonna get it

    To all Hi I'm Ralph wife (for my sins!):duh This is his Valentines gift from me!:punch
  7. Induction Kit Heatshield - RJB328i and gunner1

    BFuk Open Topic
    Ralph, the forum meets co-ordinator, has kindly sent an induction kit heatshield to me. It was made by Bill, who I must say made an excellent job on it. I am awaiting instructions as per paying for the heatshield, as Bill needs to get his thumb out of his backside and give it to Ralph/me so I...
  8. Happy Birthday Ralph (RJB328i)..

    BFuk Open Topic
    Happy birthday Ralph. :) 21 again then mate....:hihi Here is a cake....