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  1. Monkey rides a motorbike better than i can..

    BFuk Open Topic
    :eek:eek YouTube - Monkey riding motorcycle
  2. 2010 South East Members Rides

    South East Region Meets
    Well as the other areas are doing this lets be having you lot, as i know we all like showing our cars :D so here go's me first:D
  3. southwest members and their rides

    South West Region Meets
    i thought it would be a good idea if we all post one pic each of our rides and a little about your self, so if and when im out and about on the roads and see a fellow BM driver were know if its a bimmerforums member also an away for me to get to know who's who being a newbie and all lol...
  4. Chris Pfeiffer rides BMW Tower

    General BMW Discussions
    My mate just sent me this on facebook good video and shows the bmw head office we were talkign about the other day.
  5. Scale funfair rides

    BFuk Open Topic
    as requested.. in my spare time i design and construct scale amusement rides (travelling rides not theme park machines) these are finished with hand painted deco and transport as well as lights.. my current project is a 1/24th scale model waltzer (2.5ft approx diam) this is motorised and the...