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  1. 1st post / Resto project!

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi all, so I just purchased my first 8 series! I've wanted one since I sat in the back during a test drive in a yellow one at Malton bmw around 97-98. Mine is a '98 840ci in (very fading) Hellrot. She needs a lot of TLC but I intend to get her back to her best. Currently refurbishing the...
  2. 1973 E9 3.0CS resto - JOJ 513N

    Couldn't find an E9 projects section, so this was the closest I could get to it i'm afraid! have a feeling this project is going to take most of my time and steal whatever cash is leftover from my mk1 golf. It's been sitting in the lock up since 1988 alongside the mk1 rusting away. It's all...
  3. 850 Resto stalling issue

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi guys Hoping for a little advice my my 850 restoration moneypit. Its an M70B50 auto that has been neglected and hadn't moved for 2 years prior to me buying it. After a damn good service (oil, filters, sparks), the engines running pretty good except under sharp braking, when the engine often...
  4. BMW 850 start of a resto - AC fan/rad removal?

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi guys, Im about to start a resto of my 92 850i. I need to replace the rad and the AC condenser etc amongst other things. What is the best procedure for removal of both? many thanks Matt p.s. there maybe a few more questions coming ;)
  5. E30 320i Coupe Resto

    Hello I'm Joe from the Essex area currently studying in Surrey doing an Engineering Degree. I picked this up yesterday of a couple who had owned it since new and all though it needs work, its in really honest condition with two files of history to back it up. Its a one owner car with only...
  6. The E36 318iS resto (at least that's the plan!)

    Never had a BM before, and wasn't even looking for one, but this came up on Ebay just 5 minutes down the road. After a test drive I gave up on the idea of finding a hatch and decided to bid for this. £561 later it was mine, with long-ish tax and test, a service history and three owners from new...
  7. My E30 316i Rolling Resto Project

    i picked up an old E30 316i as a temporary car until i have saved enough for my 320/325 E30. She's been abused and a bit neglected so i decided to give her a bit of a resto to get her away from chav J-Euro wrongness and back to OE+ where the style seems to be at. this seems worthwhile as she's...
  8. My 1968 1st Gen Camaro project / resto

    not a BMW
    Hello, I had a request to start a thread (any excuse really, lol) Got this car in 2005 and in 2011 eventually got round to sorting it out, hopefully will be enjoying it in the summer. Got it in my mates workshop, Started to get the paint off to see what we got. there's quite a few pics...
  9. Peoples view Resto or Mod

    General BMW Discussions
    Whats peoples opinion on my E30 Sport, I ask because a few of my mates say I'm mad to want to alter it, they say I should restore it to standard. My plan is to remove the engine and box and replace with E36 M3 (S50B30) motor and box, fit a E30 M3 LSD diff, ad 17" wheels and massive discs.
  10. E30 325i resto and upgrade project

    A new project is born :thumbsup After thinking long and hard I decided I didn't want to put Ryms lovely S50B30 motor in my E30 touring, I decided on a E30 M3 as the new project, but they are too expensive. What else is there which would fit the bill, A 325i M TECH 2 SPORT would fit the bill...
  11. r88by p's e30 325i sport resto

    hi people just thought i would post some pics up of my old e30 i built a few years. just to give you some back round i used to have a bodyshop which sold on then i was a mechanical and sprayer instructor at a college. then i went back in to the real world because i missed the REAL work to much...