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  1. General BMW Discussions
    Can you remember the first time you saw a E36 M3 in the flesh, and how amazing it looked. At the time, I'd say 93/94 it was the first true BMW 3 series coupe, it looked stunning. I was on a day trip to Calias, booze cruise and in the square in Calias where the bus drops you was a Dakar yellow...
  2. E46
    The Compact, One To Remember, *Update 29/08/11* Right then im new to the Bmw scene but come from the Vw scene so have quite alot of ideas for this project Things that have been done so far, - LED's & HID Kit - De-Wipered - De-Badged Rear - Front Grill Surrounds Sprayed In Matt Black -...
1-2 of 9 Results