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  1. Allow me to re-introduce myself!

    Hi everyone! Just wanted to re-introduce myself on the forum as i've been away for a while, now back in the game with an e46 330ci in topaz blue! Currently in the market for a rear bumper and boot lid if anyone has either floating about Glad to be back! Lewis:thumbsup
  2. Probably should reintroduce myself

    Some of you might remember me from coming here around 18 months ago. Starting last summer illness kept me pretty much out of the game for a good while and then I had to get back to running a fairly new business so forum life hasn't been very high on the list for a while. Anyway, I came back and...
  3. Not been around for years so better reintroduce myself!

    Evening all! I was around this forum when it first started back in 2007 but kinda drifted away. I have been doing lots of catching up on various build threads etc.. on here and the forums so busy now its great!:cool I'm not new to the scene and am on various other BM forums but for those that...
  4. Let me re-introduce myself!!

    To all BF members, Some of you maybe aware of my recent ban! Well, ive done my time and now im back... :thumbsup I owe some people apologies, for ruining threads particularly outside of OT.. Well for all those people offended, i do apologise.. :thumbsup So heres to it.... hope everyone is...