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  1. Charity Track Day at RAF Marham, Norfolk

    BFuk Open Topic
    Not sure if this is in the right place so Mod's please move if necessary. RAF Marham is hosting it's first charity track day in 2016 on 28th - 29th May. All details and info can be found at RAF Marham Charity Track Days and on board footage can be found on YouTube by searching RAF Marham Track...
  2. Anyone in the RAF or have joined the RAF in the last year or so??

    BFuk Open Topic
    As the title suggests I'm seriously considering applying to join the RAF. I am now 24 and working in IT which is ok but it bores the life out of me and realistically I haven't got the motivation or enthusiasm to push forward in this field beyond where I am currently! I did do an apprenticeship...
  3. RAF MARHAM charity track weekend

    National BMW meets (the Big ones!)
    It's all for charity and info can be found here - - The site is all up and working for the registration now. A first for us - - we're running in reverse in the afternoon. Those that have been before will know that , that will become interesting Hope you can come...
  4. RAF Marham Charity Track days...CANCELLED..if booked please read thread for details

    General Meets Discussions
    Hello all, I'm new on here and new to BMWs but having just got one I thought I would invite you all down the RAF Marham to have a play round our airfield. We have been holding the event for the last 6 years and have raised over £160,000 - -All for charity!! Our airfield is an active fighter...