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    Hey guys, I always wondered if seafoam actually works so I did some tests. While this is on a small motor, I will be testing it on a dirty car/truck motor soon, but I thought everyone would find this interesting!!! I think the results speak for themselves! Let me know what you think...
  2. BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    ive finally finished having my e36 m3 mirrors resprayed and i remember seeing somwhere that it is possible to make them theft proof - think it was by adding a few carefully placed screws or bolts but i cant find the link or a diy for it anywhere does anyone know how to do this
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    I thought you might like this advert for a Garmin Sat Nav. I'm not sure when Car Sat Navs first became available, was it in the 90's?
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    I have a e36 325i and i used to have mutant subwoofers in there but i needed space in the boot so i got sub-zero 500 watt subwoofer and i have installed it in the car but i cant hear no bass nor does the boot rattle, a friend told me that the e36 had a soundproof boot is there anyway i could...
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    Does anyone have before and after print outs to show what might actually be acheived? Thanks, Andy