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  1. BMW 320

    BMW Parts for Sale
    NON RUNNER My beloved 08 plate 320 started smoking this week. I can't afford to fix it and do not know what is wrong with it. Hoping someone could fix it or use parts. £600 ovno
  2. E93 325i Convertible (LCI) Project... Been sat for over a year :(

    General BMW Discussions
    OK so just thought i would start this thread as google and youtube is limited when it comes to e92/e93 information and even more so when it comes to the convertible. Hope fully the regular updates and images i provide during the work i do on the car helps others and maybe you guys will be able...
  3. E34 project 525i ‘95

    Hello everyone! So i’ve got myself a bmw e34 525i. It needs a lot of work. It has been parked for long, suspension is gone and lots of rust under the car. Exterior looks good though lol So i will do my best to bring this car back to life... will start with welding jobs. The car is almost ready...
  4. E63 635D Black on Black Project

    OK so I’m a new E63 635d owner, I’m new to the forum and I’ve posted a few topics on here for general advice and help and so far I’ve had nothing but great tips and a shed load of help and best if all this site seems to be troll free! So ive now decides to do a little project thread of my own...
  5. 2005 525D M Sport Project

    Hi Guys, I've bought myself an mot failure 2005 525D M Sport as a project as the wife has been nagging me to buy something more pracical than my mk1 audi tt. that's the car after a quick wash that's the mot failure list, on top of that the clutch makes a noise when pressing in the pedal I...
  6. Project: Johnny nice

    Hi guys. I pickup up this 1999 318 a few months ago. The interior is a bit rough, and it needed a new exhaust and a few other little bits. Apologies for the poor pics i'm posting on the phone ?
  7. Research Project - Who Would Make Their Bimmer Electric?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hi Guys, I am a university student doing a project on high voltage electric vehicle powertrains, and having seen the rise in interest in recent years of converting cars to electric power, I have some questions for the BF community! I am researching the potential of a high power, modular...
  8. Hello! I'm an E36 newbie trying to restore one!

    We've had an E36 since I was a wee lad. My dad bought this '97 E36 318i as new a week after I was born. Ever since, it's been in our driveway. I spent most of my childhood in the back seats of this so I'm quite attached to it. However, due to a variety of reasons, it's been sitting untouched in...
  9. VIN Numer from Plate / Registration - Project

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi All, I'll try to post this a few places, I have written an API tool that allows me to extract the VIN from the UKDVLA database. You just pop in the reg and I can interrogate the database to pull pretty much anything, from tyres to history and even value at auction. The recent GDPR Data...
  10. 1979 BMW 320/6 Restoration Project

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E21
    Hello friends, I have finally decided to bring back to life my first love! I am the second owner of this 1979, 4 speed manual, 120k kms, Bmw 320/6. She has been sitting, completely forgotten, in my mum's garage, for almost 25 years and now she needs a lot of TLC... I would really appreciate...
  11. 2004 E46 316i - Cheap as Chips! (I'll still be broke by the end)

    Hi all, new member here! I'm Reeve, I'm 16 , from Liverpool and have just made my third BMW purchase, a 2004 BMW 316i SE (previous cars are a very broken E36 318ti and a now scrapped 316i Compact parts car). She's had a hard life, 174000 miles to date (a lot on that less than stellar N42...
  12. E92 330i TiAg w/ Gloss Black accents Project

    Hi All, Bought my E92 330i a couple of months ago and have quite a few changes in the pipeline which I'm aiming to do myself, limited by budget at the moment but I am aiming to have the look I am going for complete by summer this year (2018) with all other changes being minor details. The car is...
  13. My 325TD Project

    Thought i would start with just a few photos of her. In the process of getting her ready for this year show season :)
  14. 840Ci restoration project - Exhaust issue

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Hi Everyone, I have decided (possibly a major mistake!) to try and restore my 1998 840Ci back to its' former glory. This is aimed directly at Timm, absolute top website and info mate, you are a real star, you mention getting round to attacking the rust issues on your 8, I hope it doesn't turn...
  15. 2018 Project

    Starting with lowering the car. Rear suspension was leaking and the top mounts were shot. Decided to take a gamble on a set of JOM coilovers and replace both front and rear suspension and top mounts all round. Ride quality is much improved compared to leaky old shockers but I get the feeling...
  16. 1993 318 e36 Project help

    Hi there. I'm fairly new to the BMW world, I just finished rebuilding my 98 m3 and I'm looking for another project. I'm currently looking into buying a 93 318 coupe that comes with a donor m52 to swap into it. However, I'm looking to build it into a high performing car, so I'm looking into a...
  17. Bmw e63 630i my little project

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Here is the car. When I bought it
  18. 316 project the journey starts

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hello im new to the forum and you may have seen from my other tread im in a pickle with my 316 e46 compact and i believe it needs a vanos re build and re timing so ive decided a engine replacement was the best option. few pointers before the pitch forks come at me. will it be easier to do a...
  19. M3 E36 EVO Seat Refurb project

    I had my E36 Evo SMG in storage for 6 years before I could finally afford to get it fixed up and back on the road. It was in need of new four new discs, four new tyres and a lot of other work, 3 grand in total, all on a car that had less than 60k miles on it. After all that was sorted, I...