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  1. First time poster in need of help!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hi All Only just signed up so be gentle! Bought a 530d in April 65k on the clock (72k now) lovely motor every extra you can think off its been a very enjoyable 7 months until now!!!! Other week i was driving home from work as normal next minute EML come on reduced power etc and limp mode...
  2. long time reader, first time poster

    Hi all, iv made great use of these forums over the last few years with my e60 and my old e36 (which i miss terribly) but never needed to post before. i usually arrive here via a google search so just trying to get used to the layout of forums before i post my problem. i thought it best to start...
  3. Engine revs (first time poster)

    General BMW Discussions
    BMW 318i touring. Petrol. The engine revs are dropping in 4th 5th and 6th gear. You can hear the engine note and see it on the rev counter. No warning lights showing. Nearest BMW garage looking for £120 to do diagnostic. I am thinking of going to KWIK Fit - apparently they have a travelling...
  4. Introduction- long time user, 1st time poster

    Hi all, been using the site for a while on some of my E36's and finally thought to show off my latest.. I've brought an e36 323 vert back from the dead, bought as a cat c right off. Engine and interior were too good to let go to waste. Taken some before and after a to share with you all..
  5. Long time lurker, first time poster! New car (with pics)

    Long time lurker here! Have been on this site ever since I can remember, but never posted as most of my questions can be answered through a search on the site. Anyway, probably time I should impart some of my knowledge that I have learnt from this site over the years & show you some pictures...
  6. Long time reader, but new poster saying hi...

    Hi folks, Thought I should pop on this post and say hi. Currently have a 2008 E63 635D and an E39 M5. Not much else to say, proper petrolhead and pretty conversant with cars, so hope to get a bit more involved now ive said Hi as ive been a lurker for too long. :)
  7. New poster - E36 318is owner

    Evening all! My first post - I've got a 99 318is Coupe, and I want to know what the second hand market is like for those at the moment - I'm considering selling mine, as I don't frankly use it enough - it needs to be driven and enjoyed. Mileage is 108k and it's a 2dr Coupe finished in the...
  8. Hello everybody! First time poster - E92 window problem

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hello all, After doing some lurking I thought I've decided to say hi, and ask for help with a niggling issue. BMW E92 330i SE - first RWD car, thrilled to bits with it. But.... speeds of 60mph+ it sounds as if a gale is blowing in through the driver's side window where it seals at the...
  9. Longtime reader, first time poster and E46 owner (318ci)

    Hey All, Just wanted to pop and and say hello to all, as it says i'm a longtime reader and first time poster, also now the owner of my first car an '04 318ci (4 days in). Would like to say big thanks to a lot of posters on here (too many to mention), for all tips and advice on E46's, it helped...
  10. 2004 530D An alternative 4 poster

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    When I changed the gearbox this was the only hoist I could borrow. An Alternative 4 post lift - YouTube
  11. Long time owner, first time poster saying hello

    Hi everyone I've been on here for about 3 years but never actually posted although I'm pretty active over on e36coupe. Anyway I thought it was about time I said hello as I use the site quite regularly and have found it really helpful Currently I own a 99 328i sport in techno violet, have owned...
  12. What was your first poster?

    BFuk Open Topic
    Right. It's your bedroom wall, what was your first car picture/poster up on the wall? Mine was a two sided pic, black Ford Capri 2 S on one side and a white Escort RS2000 on the other. No bluetack, it was on string so I could turn it over when I wanted. It mostly stayed showing the Capri.
  13. Another 1st time poster from St Helens.

    Hi folks just doing the decent thing and introducing self. Just bought my first beemer 1998 E39 520i auto in oxford green and loving it. Leathered it up already with wood trim etc. New discs on the front and generally tidied. Looking forward to banter on here coupled with helpful advice. By the...
  14. 1st time Poster

    Afternoon all, Just a quick introduction.......been a long time watcher but never a poster. Looking for some advice on selling 2 very much loved very low mileage BM's. Needing to have a clear our of the family stock! I want to make sure these cars go to good homes. Where do I go from here? All...
  15. Hi all, new poster - 2003 E46 316ti SE

    Hello all As the title suggests this is my debut post on the forum. I bought my first (and only) BMW in April this year and stumbled accross the diamond that is Bimmerforums. My car is totally standard and not been modified, but pay-day has arrived and i am looking into a HID conversion. You...
  16. Now poster, BMW 750 E32

    Firstly, hello everyone. I am from oop Halifax, in West Yorkshire. Been running around in my beemer now for about 3-4 months and loving it (as are the local petrol stations :hihi) Not had much go wrong, changed plugs (that was fun when going to the rear of the engine), fitted new anti-roll...
  17. New poster hello

    Hi all. Ive got an e46 330d coupe m sport 2006. Its my second 330d and love the way they go (up to 70 mph of course).