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  1. 2002 e39 530d are they a good buy or money pits

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    Hi guys, Iv got the chance to part x my 2002 golf gttdi 130bhp 113k on clock for a 2002 e39 530d sport auto 130k on clock what are they like to run on fuel and iv read about the gearbox been weak and not been up to the job. What is the 530d auto like to drive are they nice and quiet on the...
  2. Have you ever thought of giving up on your car???? this week has been the pits.

    BFuk Open Topic
    Well as many of you know the trouble i have had with the rear tyre i bought this week:mad, it appears my luck is just as good! i got some caliper carriers delivered from quarry motors beginning of this year for a 328/320d so that when it came to needing new discs i could buy 300mm discs and fit...
  3. 150 mph into the TT pits mistake

    BFuk Open Topic
    Paul Shoesmith yesterday entered the pits by mistake at 150 mph while practicing for next weeks TT. YouTube - ‪ISLE OF MAN TT 2011 PITLANE FAIL ALMOST CRASHED‬‏