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  1. Autotrader Pistonheads eBay ? Best way to sell car ?

    General BMW Discussions
    Any advice or experiences on the best way to sell my modified BMW ? It's years since I've used autotrader but have also heard about Pistonheads and know about eBay
  2. 1999 840Ci Sport - PistonHeads

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    Slightly OT - so shoot me and you probably will. This just popped up on PH: BMW : BMW 840 CI SPORT 2 KEYS + FSH + BEST COLOUR COMBO + BBS SPLIT RIMS Given that 1999s seem super rare and if it's as clean as he says it is it might be a good deal for somebody....
  3. Pistonheads thread re easy to steal BMWs

    General BMW Discussions
    Anyone read this thread about the E cars and electronic key cars being stolen? Just wondered if it was a Pistonhead scare monger or if it was true?
  4. 2012 cheddar gorge pistonheads meet?

    South West Region Meets
    Just a deeper really people.. Any body know what's happening about the cheddar gorge meet with pistonheads this year? Is it happening? Hope everyone is well. Cheers
  5. Pistonheads What have they done!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    What have they done to Pistonheads?? Think it has been sold and is now s**t and to much like autotrader!!!!!!
  6. PISTONHEADS SUNDAY SERVICE: 17/10/10 Porsche Experience Silverstone *NO MORE PLACES LEFT*

    Southern UK Meets
    Just wondering if anyone fancies a bit of a forum mini-meet here I know its a Porsche day, but would give us all an opportunity to catch up, have a chat, coffee and a bacon sarnie on a sunday morning....:thumbsup Just got to sign...
  7. Pistonheads BMW HQ Meet Pictures 01/11/2009 (WET)

    Forum Meets Pictures Album
    Excuse the blurry pics, was pretty much running while taking them! Seriously wet and after 215 miles round trip... I am tierd! Car was spot on tho :)