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  1. Photobucket have UN-Broken the internet

    BFuk Open Topic
    Not sure how long for but a step in the right direction! :) PS is there anyway to edit thread...
  2. Photobucket Hotlink Fix - Chrome

    BFuk Open Topic
    Found this fix on another forum Works for me when installed on Chrome :thumbsup All photo show up great! :)
  3. PhotoBucket now charging !

    BFuk Open Topic
    Ok guys n girls PhotoBucket is now charging you £300 to post on third party sites so if you have any pics on forums they will now be blank unless you give these robbing ba****ds £300 :jaw-dropping
  4. Alternative to Photobucket

    BMW 8 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E31
    What's a good alternative to photobucket? I only use it to put pics on here but it's gone wierd again and won't let me log in. Some easy and reliable alternative must exist. Roy.
  5. Photobucket. my pics comming up in thumbnails?

    BFuk Open Topic
    :confusedJust posted a pic in a thread and it came up as thumbnail. Anyone know why? I hate thumbnail pics, it's never done it before..:confused
  6. how do i upload pics from photobucket??

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hey guys I was wondering if someone more savvy than me can explain how i upload photos to my thread via photobucket on my mobile. The pics upload fine to there but when i try to do the link on my thread and you click on it it keeps saying not found! Bloody frustrated! Been tryin for 2 days :(...
  7. Photobucket being useless

    BFuk Open Topic
    Why would image links from photobucket work on one site (this one for example) and the exact same links not work on another site? Most of the links work but a random few just don't; I get the little box saying they've been moved or deleted which isn't the case. Simple question really :hihi
  8. Photobucket bandwidth

    BFuk Open Topic
    has anyone else ever exceeded this?? - I just got an email saying I've used over 10Gb this month in bandwidth??? - can't figure out what happened to it as it's only forum stuff I use the account for?.. noticed all my pics etc have the nice Photobucket placeholder now as well!!.. should be back...