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    I got sent this and it did make me laugh , got to keep the pets warm lmfao ;):hihi
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    ......and dont have any choice. YouTube - Bot Fly YouTube - Worm inside your face YouTube - Monsters Inside Me - Maggots in My Head YouTube - Monsters Inside Me: Worm in my Butt
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    other than mine and the missus bmw,we spend money on our pets,,we have two dogs,a german pointer and a cross breed mastif,i have a 4 foot marine fish tank with soft coral and numerous fish,two leopard geco"s and two guinea pigs...what pets do you guys have ??? any pictures.. steve
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    I hate pets , we have a cat , the wife now wants a dog , i told her when the frikin cats dead then we talk about it. I ask her if she wants me to help it along , she believes me .:hihi:hihi:hihi It is a hairly little fucker and its hairs have been all over the world with me , been on some exotic...
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    This has probably been done before but why not start it back up, always a good thread, what pets have you got? my 15 week old staffy might look cute here but shes an absoloute nightmare, she cleans the leather up a treat tho!