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  1. peoples opinion on discovery 4

    BFuk Open Topic
    Hello, what are peoples opinion's, mpg, speed, reliability, land rover discovery 4 3.0 hse. im looking at getting a new car beginning of next year, want something practical, goes at least quiet well. Something good in all weather. And something I can put my mountain bike in the back without...
  2. Peoples thoughts....

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    hello all. Think about painting my wheels black but not sure if its a good idea. What you all think with my car being white? Cheers Dan
  3. Hello peoples :D

    Hi there, I've recently taken ownership of my beautiful big boat bitch (1996 E36 318i Touring in morea green) and from my VW days I know u gotta get on the forums, currently angeled the headlights and have slamming and cat back in the works. still after a spoiler though but that my eleanor I...
  4. whats peoples plans for the weekend then ?

    BFuk Open Topic
    mine will mostly consist of fishing :thumbsup get all my gear ready saturday morning and try and figure out a way to fit it all in the car somehow :hihi going to fish a place in banbury called clattercote. what about the rest of you ?
  5. Peoples image

    BFuk Open Topic
    Peoples image and how they want to be seen by others always makes me puzzle over WHY. This guy who live across from a mate of mine has his house on the market. So you get the picture I'll give you a quick brief on him. He's around 36/37, small, bold and married to big old bossy heffa who likes...
  6. Peoples view Resto or Mod

    General BMW Discussions
    Whats peoples opinion on my E30 Sport, I ask because a few of my mates say I'm mad to want to alter it, they say I should restore it to standard. My plan is to remove the engine and box and replace with E36 M3 (S50B30) motor and box, fit a E30 M3 LSD diff, ad 17" wheels and massive discs.
  7. Hey Peoples :)

    HI!, going to be picking up my - BMW 850ci on wednesday.... IF! the saturday inspection goes well. but i need your expertise!! what am i to look out for when buying a 850?? common faults, the ole engine coin test?? your help and input would be very appreciated :thumbsup! Kind Regards, L...
  8. What is some peoples problem

    BFuk Open Topic
    A Bit of a rant This afternoon i noticed some fu*ker has scratched my car :mad the car has only been parked in the flats where i live a week. What is it with people, if its jealously what's there to be jealous of its a 1998 316i nothing special and its the oldest car in the flats :frown...
  9. whats peoples thoughts on this little beauty

    BFuk Open Topic
    how i wish this was mine
  10. whats peoples thoughts on this

    BFuk Open Topic
    this happened in somerset last summer not on this sort of scale tho but it was around 200 birds iirc
  11. 2001 E46 316ti - whats peoples opinions on powerflow exhausts?

    BMW Tuning Forum
    my mate in work who has the exact same car as me has just got a cat back powerflow exhaust fitted for £160 which is a good price undoubtedly but what are peoples general opinion on these exhausts?? i had a powerflow backbox on my old escort and it was ok but that was just an escort so there was...
  12. 2000 E46 323 - powerflex bushes, what are peoples experiances?

    BMW Chassis and Brakes
    Just read a post about a guys e36 with powerflex bushes, he isn't happy with them! have you guys used these on your e46, did it make a differance? any probs, any pros and cons? Iwas going to replace my rear trailing arm bushes with these as mine are shot! So do i go powerflex or standard.