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  1. Introductions
    Hi guys and the odd gal hahaha Just joined the forum. I currently reside in South Africa but i'm moving to the UK in October. I was very involved in the BMW community here in SA and plan to do the same with all of you. I'll be living in Basingstoke once I arrive and hope to get my hands on...
  2. Introductions
    hi folks, well after owning a e36 over 10 years ago and owning that car for 4 years ,when the time came to get the mrs a wee motor to run around in ,she wanted a black e36 compact . well after weeks of searching ,we got 1 from gumtree for £350 , 88.000 miles, fsh , everymot from new , the paint...
  3. Introductions
    hi im mike ill soon be the owner of a stunning 328i soft top :thumbsup
  4. General BMW Discussions
    Hi all, new to site , got a few questions which am hoping you guys can help me with. I have an autovogue e92 320i coupe. Or should i say half , unfortunatly its been bumped at the front end so i am trying to source parts . 1) is the 318i parts the same ? ie, front panel , subframe , steering...
  5. Introductions
    hi everyone, thought id introduce myself as im recently new to the forum after purchasing my second e39, im from derbyshire in the east midlands, heres a couple of pics of my car its a 528i sport :thumbsup
  6. Introductions
    Hi guys Just wanted to say hello, today I have bought a 318i saloon on a 03 plate and I have a question if I may, on the streeing wheel there is a button with a picture of a face with speak line coming out of it, when I pushed the button nothing and the dealer said it was a blank button, I have...
  7. Introductions
    As title HI ALL have just got a 1993 e36 nearly full m3 rep its a 5 door in alpine white litraly resprayed 2 days ago and undersealed gloss black powdercoated 18inch m6 wheels:D. I took this 318I in px for my 2001 525i m sport manual titan silver v nice:) second e36 ive owned first was a 1996...
  8. General BMW Discussions
    Hey Guys and Girls, Hope you all had a better Xmas and New year then me, as on the evening of boxing day i had my car done over, now needing a new bonnet, window screen, dent in the roof, dent and scratch in the rear door and damaged front bumber, yep thats right and now been told its £3500.00...
  9. Introductions
    hello everyone im currently looking to buy an E36 M3, want a nice minty one with low miles to tuck away in the garage for weekends. fairly new to BMW had a E46 328i a few years back but been driving VW's since then. hopefully will pick up a few pointers from the site
  10. General BMW Discussions
    found this whilst searching ebay, personaly i think its a load of crap cant see it working? What is your thoughts :confused
  11. General BMW Discussions
    :cool sun strips or not wot you think peeps just wondering wot u all think
  12. BFuk Open Topic
    As title, this is a copy of an email I got today and thought I would warn people on here incase it is a real risk: TWO SUBJECT LINES of which to be AWARE . (Just verified this with Snopes and is real.) ALSO WENT TO TRUTH OR FICTION, IT'S on their site also...
  13. Introductions
    Easy everybody... new to the forum (as if that aint obvious by the board im posting in)! Havent lurked that much, infact this is quite a hard site to lurk on... just signed up for help on DIY jobs on my e36 (Y) One such DIY job being the replacement of my drivers side mirror (some yobbo smashed...
  14. Introductions
    Just got myself 1999 318i se, i thought it would be a good idea to join the forum as i know at some point in the future i'm going to need some weclome advice. Having owned a 635 csi back in the mid 90's, i did not have access to online forums, it would certainly been a lot easier just to type in...
  15. General BMW Discussions
    I know there are some of you out there that own bikes as well as BMW's, out of curiosity what bike/s do you currently own ? I have 2 bikes a Aprilia ETV1000 Caponord, similiar type of bike that Ewan & Charlie rode around the world. Great for touring, Some mates and I have done most of Europe...
  16. Introductions
    hi people i thought i would say hello and start posting,i have been off the car seen for about 20 months because of a ban but i have just bought a bmw 318is e36 coupe and i want to start fixing it up the way i want it as i have got about 5 months til im back on the road
  17. Introductions
    just got my first bmw just a cheap n cheerful (hopefully) runaround. Hope to be moving up the ranks as quick as i can tho. Cheers ta thanx
  18. Introductions
    Im new to BMW's this is my first BMW and it is a 330i hope u guys came help me when im in trouble
  19. Introductions
    Hi i'm new here so take it easy please :D I'm about to take delivery tomorrow of a 2000 w reg 530D manual, is there anything on these that i should look for or beware of?? i know they are fairly bullet proof but i'm just wondering if there is any common faults to look out for?? tia Paul
  20. Introductions
    Hi guys and gals Quite relatively new to the site but here goes; My names Liam, I'm 20 and live Nr. Salisbury :hihi I've just bought a 2003 E46 330d Sport (204bhp) and love it. It's sort of a project car at the moment and I have to say, not my first Beemer. I used to own a 1993 E36 318i...