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  1. Help needed from Paris BMW E38 740iA 1995

    BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    Good afternoon ; I'm new on this forum and I am looking for a solution to a problem on an old BMW 740IA aug95. I bought this car about two years ago as a collectable one and kept it in my garage (3rd underground level). I used to take it out for a ride from time to time, everything worked fine...
  2. Visit of the BMW's Supercars exhibition in Paris

    General BMW Discussions
    I visited the exhibition hall in Paris this the afternoon. I had to go to Paris to take care of Miss 8, I took the opportunity and WOW! So I made ​​lots of pictures A good start : Small air box but a big flow meter : No retractable headlights , so the lights go down : Small overview...
  3. E46 325ti SMG 6-speed Compact in Paris

    Bon soir from Paris (hope that's OK since it's not in all in English ;) I am a longtime BMW enthusiast and member of several other US and UK boards. Living in Paris for the next couple of years and picked up a nice little 325ti to drive while here. I shot these pics at the old Reims Circuit...
  4. hi from Paris

    Hello, Iam living in Paris and i pilot an old convertible e30 325i modified 2L7. All experiences exchange is welcome. Thanks for all and kind regards Christopher
  5. 1998 E36 316i - help with headlights driving to paris in jan

    Auto Electrical Forum
    e36 1998 316 coupe driving to paris in jan couple of questions does any 1 no if you can adjust headlights to lhd, if not wher to buy the reflectors not had much luck on google thanks :thumbsup also any 1 had any experiance driving in france ???
  6. Transatlantic Tunnel... 12Trillion dollars, century to construct - New York to Paris via London - under an hour OMFG

    BFuk Open Topic
    I'm not sure how many of you are interested in this but estimated time from New York City To paris via UK is under 1 hour:jaw-dropping 5,000MPH Now that is fast:hihi I watched the documentary on the Discovery Channel and found it very interesting due to the line of work I'm in. Estimated...
  7. New 7-Series and X1 @ Paris motor show

    General BMW Discussions
    As the title says really.... New 7-Series and X1