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  1. New Member from Paisley, Scotland

    Hi everyone, new to this forum. Looking forward to tips, mods and much more on here. Cheers Paul
  2. paisley freight said BMW M3 VADERS ARE TO BIG FOR A VAN!?!?!

    BFuk Open Topic
    well the vaders are on there way to the new owner, was 5 items lol the van drivers was going abit mad saying the two front seats are to big for a van and some other pish:rofl so i say...... bmw are well made then eh to hold all that big weight, you dont need a van buy a bimmer:rofl:rofl he...
  3. Paisley Freight - Anyone ever used ?

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    K so I need to get 4 wheels with tyres picked up and am looking at using this company so has anyone here used them before and can you tell me what the requirements are (packaging) and if the £27.99p price quoted on thier website is actually for 4 alloys ? Also on the booking form where it says...