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  1. Deposit paid..

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    So, i have gone and done it. Deposit paid on a very nice 645 in grey with the deep red leather, 54 plate, one owner from new and full BMWSH. Just got to wait until Tues to get some V8 love. Can't wait.
  2. E90 deposit paid - Help

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi guys, Just placed a deposit on a 2009 (59) e90 facelift 330d MSport Saloon 52k miles pretty much every extra extra there is (except satellite tv). Full dealership history. Few Questions: I got a good deal (Well i think I did). Price was low I think due to minor cosmetic defects and oil...
  3. Buying used, sticker prices and actual prices paid?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello everyone. I'm planning on buying an E92 soon and I was wondering about advertised prices, profit margin, and end sale prices. Talking purely dealers. There are not too many cars around in the particular configuration I'm after so I will find it difficult to say I can get x cheaper...
  4. Hi deposit paid for M135i :-)

    Hi, After a test drive at Chandlers Ford today I have done the deal (pretty good too). est. March delivery date (counting the days!). Spec: 5 door, Estoril Blue, viz pack, sun pack, auto, driver comfort pack, DAB, Alcantra SW, black leather, heated seats. Even in the wet the M135i was the...
  5. Changing to a lower insurance risk car on a policy that's been paid in full????

    BFuk Open Topic
    So my insurance policy was up last month, I paid the full £540 up front in 1 lump. Now I'm going to be selling my car and running round in some banger for a few months whilst I hunt for a new toy.. I've done an insurance quote on the banger I'm getting (a £500 nissan almera 1.5E), it's coming...
  6. 330ci Beige velour mats. Paid £71.76 for full set delivered. Did I pay too much?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hey After searching and searching on ebay, google and various forums, I decided to give BMW Cotswolds a go. Cheapest I could get was £71.76 for a full set of beige mats for my 330ci, inclusive of VAT and delivery. I pinged BMW Hereford a PM but they haven't got back to me yet. In a way I hope...
  7. craig325BMW please contact me today regarding parts I have paid for and not received.

    BFuk Open Topic
    As above, payment was sent 2 weeks ago. You told me that my parts were picked up last Thursday and I still have not received them. I have requested a tracking number from you on two occasions. Please contact me by the end of today with an explanation. James
  8. Urgent help required, not being paid by my boss and want to know where i stand

    BFuk Open Topic
    Right then, ive recently looked back in depth at my pay slips just out of curiosity and ive found for the past 9 months (monthly pay slips) i havent been paid for the saturdays at work ive done, reason why i dont check in depth all the time is my pay varies quite alot as i earn bonus, some...
  9. what is the most you have paid for a car? what and when?

    General BMW Discussions
    for me it was a 1988 Porsche 944 in 1996, i paid £9995 for it. what about you??:)
  10. Just paid over £1.50 per litre!!!!!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Its official (for me anyways)...:eek:eek:eek Just went up to fill up my car, she was nearly empty with about 40 miles left. Pulled upto the shell station. Picked up the V-power diesel nozzle and looked up and could see in black and white.... £1.509 I nearly cried! :hihi:hihi It cost me £91 to...
  11. National Meets paid section ( Stand fees + Gaydon Entrance Fees + BBQ Fees )

    General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Many thanks to everyone who has paid today, that should just cover the deposit on my holiday:lol:lol:lol:lol No guy only messing, right my man E36nickd will be running this section and will be the (w)banker:hihi and will be signing you off as payment is made, so to help him, ensure you put down...
  12. my new e36 316ise i paid £280 for it

    General BMW Discussions
  13. Just Paid For Next Years Insurance... Feeling Very Light!

    General BMW Discussions
    As above really, just wanted to share with you lot how much lighter I'm feeling after parting with £2245.95 for my third years driving pleasure! :frown All in all since i passed my test at 17 (I'm now 19) i have shelled out £7438.84 just for insurance! :jaw-dropping The joyful world of...
  14. Advice Needed..... deposit paid

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi all Have put a deposit down on a very rare full Alpina conversation which it going to cost me a large amount of money, but i have a big problem, the present owner has not ever heard the engine running or the guy he brough it from did not to, this is a 1 time opertunatey, but my head is...
  15. amazing what people paid when new

    BFuk Open Topic
    Put this in here cos its a bit too vague for general talk.. Been browsing in the brochure i've got from when the coupe was new (e36), and its amazing how much people paid for the cars and all the extras. For example, the car was near enough £20k new. I got the leather with it, and i'm not so...