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  1. 1.2 Billion Ouch

    BFuk Open Topic
    Ouch Cant be much left in the kitty by now :rofl
  2. E91 Tailgate glass hatch - ouch

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    Good evening from a new, proud and bruised owner. How can i make the separate glass hatch in my tailgate stay up !
  3. Ouch, not declaring his points was definitely false economy!

    BFuk Open Topic
    Half of me feels sorry for the guy but the other half thinks it serves him right for trying to save a few ££ on insuring a very expensive car, a bit like the people that spend a fortune modifying their rides and then tell the insurance company it's still a 1300cc shopping trolley! BMW M3...
  4. 2004 E46 325 - Ouch!!! How much will this cost???

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Hi all Not a happy chappy after a visit to the hairdressers today, some idiot needlessly boxed me in (parking) and in my attempt another idiot (Me!!) grazed against a small concrete post i hadnt seen and did the following damage (see attachment to my front end) Anybody have any guideline or an...