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  1. Opposite or Offset Bulbs?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Are the indicator bulbs in the E46 all offset pins? I have a load of opposite pin chrome bulbs but I'm guessing the E46 is offset as its Sod's law :sarcastic
  2. Fuel gauge and mpg gauge doing opposite

    Auto Electrical Forum
    Hi everyone my e92 320d has developed the most weird fault. For some reason my fuel level is now displayed on the mpg gauge and the mpg on the fuel gauge. Ie the fuel gauge swings up and down during motion according to throttle position. My car recently went to a body shop where they...
  3. Schumacher S in opposite direction

    Motorsport and Drifting (BMW related)
    07 August 2011 IDS Drift Challenge together with the DTM Race Olli, myself and some other drifters has some great fun. The known track on the Nürburgring – Müllenbachschleife was the place to be. However against the usuall race direction, so going the Schumacher S downhils with quite some speed...
  4. 2003 E46 320d - saloon weird drivers window issue, button does opposite??

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hi there, first post on here so be gentle! Basically, the drivers side front window switch does the opposite to the others, if I pull it up it goes down and push it down it goes up. Also, when I press and hold unlock on keyfob, others go down and then when I goto lock and roll windows up the...
  5. 2005 E60 530d - BMW prof sat nav shows me going in opposite direction!

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    I have a 2005 530d M-Sport with BMW professional Sat Nav / satellite navigation. Yesterday the sat nav started acting very funny. When I start my car the sat nav shows me at my correct current location. But when I drive, the sat nav shows me driving in the OPPOSITE direction, and then thinks...