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    hi, recently been looking for a fun project car but till now havent been able to make my mind up what i want. ive decided to try and find a 3.0csl as i love the looks. how hard are they to find? dont really care about condition etc as it will be a project car. are parts available? would it be a...
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    Official Thread to discuss your old pokemon collections. Which of the famous ones have you had? Did you ever own, let alone see a Shiny Charizard? Gameboy - Which colour's did you play? What was your favourite? Boys - Misty... right? :hihi What was your favourite pokemon? Knock yourselves...
  4. BFuk Open Topic
    If any of you lived through the 1990-1993 'rave' era and still love the music, please join me tonight where I will be playing the best tunes live on air from the 1992 period. I always mix live, always using original rare (and nowadays bloody expensive) vinyl records, and even do a bit of mc-ing...