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  1. 2011 Offical Bimmerforums Merchandise - BASEBALL CAPS Have Arrived

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    Hi all. We have managed to negotiate a cracking rate for quality baseball caps. These will feature bimmerfoums branding "" along the front in silver embroidery, to match the design of the cap. the caps will be available in black with a light grey contrast (Please see pic)...
  2. 2011 Offical Bimmerforum Merchandise, address needed if you want them posted

    General Bimmerforums Meets Issues
    Right You Lot:rofl:rofl As i have resently had some further interest, i think its time to start another order, so as some may know to get these prices i need to order 30+ garments, so here are the prices and details, so all you need to do at this piont is add you name to the list and NOT make...