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  1. 116i, 2008 n43, normal "ticking-sound"?

    BMW Engine Conversions
    Hi, Recently bought a bmw 116i, 2008 with the n43 engine. I believe I can hear a ticking sound from the engine and wonder if this is a normal sound or if this could be a indication that the chain or the chain tensioner needs to be changed? I have the link to the sound...
  2. 2003 320d im guessing this isnt normal

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    ok folks, had a weird issue with car earlier, i was driving normally and pretty much lost all boost, no smoke or engine lights etc just no major acceleration . i pulled over when safe to do so and plugged back in the maf sensor i had had unplugged to test something and power seemed to return BUT...
  3. Is this E32 clutch pedal linkage torqued or normal (pic) ?

    BMW 7 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 7 Series
    Hi all! Total noob on cars here, trying to fix broken clutch on a cool E32 that I inherited So after finding that the clutch master cilinder was broken. When installing a new one, I found that the linkage of clutch pedal that links up with master cilinder "push rod thing" seems torqued. Here...
  4. Page back to normal

    BFuk Open Topic
    The tab's at the top have come back well for me they have. (New Posts Private Messages FAQ and so on):thumbsup
  5. 2012 UK 640D normal Oil Temp

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    Afternoon everyone. I wonder if someone could shed some light on something that is a bugging me. I have a 2012 640D, the oil temp on a normal flat run sat at 70mph is just over 100deg C. On a hill it will increase to 110 - 115 Deg C. IS THIS NORMAL?? A) This is the first BMW I have owned...
  6. BMW will not replace a a split drivers door seal under Warranty on a on 26 month old 3 series (normal!)

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello, I have recently purchased a 2016 BMW 320d from a non BMW garage. The car was 24 months old (35'000 miles )when I bought it and still has 1 years warranty as standard. I noticed after a couple of months the bottom of the drivers door seal has split near the tread plate, I have taken the...
  7. Rev dropping then going high and then back to normal?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    Hey there I really hope someone can help me my Bmw 318i 2003 drives a pulls like it should I belive but when I put the clutch in coming up to lights or to a stop once idle it does tiny burps is what I can describe it as and some times quite often now the revs drop below five like it’s gonna...
  8. Normal turbo sound?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi again. I've been worried for a while now just how much woooshing air is audible while I'm driving. I've had the car since November and I just can't seem to remember it been so noticeable. Here a link to a video I took last night, it was a short trip back from my parents with a bit of start...
  9. Condesation in headlights - dealer says "normal"

    General BMW Discussions
    Anyone here got a new BMW with LED headlights? I have the adaptive ones which were a stupidly expensive option and both lights get condensation in them. Notice it most after washing and it does burn off once dry but I am just a bit miffed as BMW say this is quite normal as the lights are...
  10. 09 BMW e90 320d N47 engine noise. Is this normal or timing chain issue?

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi guys, I'm new to the forum. This morning I noticed some strange swishing noise from under the bonnet. If I rev the engine it goes louder.(see my recording below) Is it the famous timing chain issue or just something else? I don't want to go to some garage and have some random part replaced...
  11. E61 530d steering weird, is this normal?

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hiya, just got a E61 530d and i find that the steering on it seems to have a lot of erm feedback? Where it wants to turn itself (not just one way) it seems like i am battling it to go straight? Anyone else had this? I do have run flats on the front and both are worn on outside edge so going to...
  12. 2008 E61 520d - N47D20A - Excessive blowby, normal?

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    My engine breathes really heavy if I open the oil filler cap. It was like this both before and after a full rebuild. All parts, hoses etc cleaned thoroughly to like new condition, so I’m not sure if this is normal for this engine, or did I miss something ? I also spent ages finding a good EGR...
  13. 645ci normal oil and water temp.

    BMW 6 Series - Tech Talk E24,E63,E64,F12,F13
    So lots of people will say 'whats normal...depends on , driving style....outside temp etc....' So, oustide temp....cold 4oc, driving style 'wafting', barely above 2k rpm. Water shows 96->99 Oil shows 90-105(ish) Water seems high Oil i say also a little high considering how its been driven...
  14. extra load vs normal tyres

    General BMW Discussions
    Hello I recently changed from 225/40-18 front and 255/35-18 rear, to all-round 225/45-17 winter tyres (Sava eskimo HP2). Since they are not XL tyres I don't have a lot of steering feedback during cornering and the car floats at speed (70+ mph) and generally gives an unsure feeling while driving...
  15. 2004 e46 325ci - front bumper shock absorber bent or is this normal position?

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    I hit another car with my front-left side of the car - ~20mph. The bumper isn't damaged badly, it's just scratched and there's a little hole in it. So I removed it, and I can see that both of my shock absorbers look like bent a little... not sure if they should be completely straight or not...
  16. e90 possible timing chain or normal noise?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi All, i havent long bought an 2008 e90 320d m sport. Listened for the dreading timing chain noise & with this being my first diesel didn't think it had a problem I Have spoken to my local dealership & they have informed me that this has got any outstanding recalls & that service history is...
  17. 2002 E53 3.0i rear PDC problems. Done all the normal stuff to check.

    BMW X Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of X Series
    My rear PDC started returning a continuous tone when reverse is engaged. I first cleaned all the sensors then progressively replaced each sensor so that all 4 are new. To no avail. I then replaced the control unit underneath the spare wheel followed by the exterior sensor wiring loom. Nothing...
  18. Power steering pump failure at 137k? normal?

    BMW 5 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 5 Series
    Hello all, Today my steering felt very heavy on idle until i started driving. There was a very bad burning tar type smell and also a noise which appears when the revs climb and not at idle. The noise appears on a cold start as well but disappears once warmed up. Going to ring BMW for a quote...
  19. 2001 BMW 318i (M43 engine) rough idle at normal temp, after 30 mins driving at least

    BMW 3 Series Forum - Technical Talk on the BMW E46
    The car has been fine for a while! Two days ago, it developed an issue, ie, engine running rough after the car is on the road for at least half an hour. The strange thing is that the engine runs fine when COLD. Could there be an air leak? Where could it be? I have already check the twin...
  20. Is this normal

    BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi just noticed this, wil this affect anything?