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  1. Joining the forum as a non-bmw owner but will change that soon.

    Hi there. Im diogo, 23, currently living in luxemvourg. My first bmw was a e36 25i coupe. It was a nice car but it was also in very bad shape. Sold it and got a golf 3 cabrio for the summer but the bmw bug had already bite now im on the hunt for a 25tds touring. Really like the e36...
  2. Non-BMW wheels

    Tyres and Alloy Wheels Forum
    Hello all, My 57 plate 320d E90 currently has BMW stlye 156s, but I think they've been ruined (boo) by a wheel paint shop getting them too hot in the powder coat oven. They appear to be slightly warped, I'm fairly sure the hub's not perfectly flat anymore, and that's warping the disks, etc. In...
  3. Newbie E90 Plymouth - Pics Inside (and non-BMW drift pics)

    Hi Guys, Newbie in Plymouth just picked up a 2007 E90 320d M Sport as a daily run around. Here she is, wont go photo mad sure you have all seen one before; This is my weekend spin around as well, take it there is a few drifters on here as well.
  4. e90 2007 Sat Nav upgrade disc- Any experience of non-bmw disc?

    General BMW Discussions
    Hi saw a website, whilst searching on ebay for a newer sat nav disc, advertising upgrade discs at a fraction of the cost of the stealer. I'm guessing you get what you pay for but has anyone bought a non-dealer sat nav disc and would recommend? Cheers
  5. non-bmw related photoshop request / basic image editing request :)

    BFuk Open Topic
    hi guys, can anyone please edit the below image for me, to remove the black surround of the circular image? I need the image to be circular if this is possible? your help is much appreciated, thanks :)
  6. What's your dream non-BMW CLASSIC car?

    BFuk Open Topic
    I'm interested to see what kind of cars you guys all have dreamed of owning. That car you saw when you were little, or at a car museum, and thought to yourself "I have to own one of those, one day!" Please post pictures, searching on google if you don't already have one. If you already OWN your...