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  1. Introductions
    So I am a first time BMW owner and I'm impressed. I bought a week or so ago a 2015 335D X-drive in blue as per the below. I've learnt quickly that everything is an option in a BMW so I would have probably spent a few more weeks looking before I bought, but this car came from a dealer with dealer...
  2. Introductions
    hi to all I am a new member and I have a bmw 3 series e46 tourer david
  3. Introductions
    Just saying hi after picking up my new (to me) E46 330Ci Convertible :hihi
  4. Introductions
    Hello Guys & girls. Just a little message to say hello and I am looking forward to spending sometime looking through this great forum and hopefully getting some useful information. I have a black f10 530D M SPORT that is currently for sale because I have just went and upgraded to a 535 M...
  5. Introductions
    hi all just sold my 09 325i cabriolet 62000mls.what a great car but have moved on to 440i cabriolet 2018.very impressed.looking to tune next
  6. Introductions
    Hi daughter after a bmw seems popular with young ones Looking at series 1 or 3 series so after advice, green as grass when it comes to cars Can I ask Do all models have bmw engines Is fsh a must, year models to avoid DPf brightens me is timing chains mostly on petrol Have a budget of...
  7. Introductions
    Hey guys, Just to say hello new to the forum. Own a 2006 650i. Cheers, Jonny.
  8. Introductions
    Hi I am Darran (Dazerh) Most people call me Dal I was a 4X4 driver then moved over to a audi A6. My Son had a 2005 BMW e60 530D M sport he said have a drive of it. Now I have that BM and sold the audi, the drive is unreal. My BM is dark blue I have changed the kidney grill to Black, wheels...
  9. Introductions
    Hi all, i would just like to say thanks for accepting me. i will soon be getting a 320d touring, the higher power one, and will be looking for advice on power upgrades, probably just a remap to start with, and see where i will go from there. Any suggestions, and advice welcome.
  10. BMW Garages and Parts Retailers
    Hey All, I am located in Romford and am looking for an Indy that can look after my car for any major bits it needs. I haven't owned a BMW before so would be grateful for your experience looking for anyone thats able to update the Key and BMW electric service book too ? not sure if thats...
  11. Introductions
    Hey Guys new to the forum all the way from South Africa!!! Drive a 2002 E39 530D - just purchased the car about a month back, Mileage is 311000KM car has the Msport steering metal sunroof projector headlights with full angel rings and NO Xenons black on black interior So far I have...
  12. Introductions
    Id just like to say hi to you all here on Bimmerforums. Myself ive owned Vauxhalls for most of my driving life, now after meeting my new partner an hearing how lovely it was to own a BMW, I decided to change to BMW. I own a 59 plate 318i, I know its not the most powerful and all the toys, but I...
  13. Introductions
    Newbie, haven't picked it up yet but looking forward to it, 3 series GT M Sport. I live on the Wirral, in to anything geeky, i do home automation, build my own things, DIY etc, all sorts really.
  14. Introductions
    Hi to the BimmerForum group, I am in the process of purchasing a E92 330i, I picked up in the engine bay that a component was missing, there were just 2 bolts protruding. I picked this photo up on Wiki and realised that the vehicle I went to view did not have a bight orange component with 2...
  15. BMW 3 Series - Tech Talk For All Gen Of 3 Series
    Hi guys, recently purchased a new vehicle upgrading from an old style fiesta. So I purchased a 2007 320i M Sport back at the start of May. It'll be my daily driver but I am a bit concerned, I've had some recent troubles on getting the engine to start on first attempt. It attempts to start but...
  16. Introductions
    Utter newbie. Please excuse my ignorance. Q- Stop Start, last memory coding. I know I can switch it off each time I set off but I understand that with a OBD Dongle from Carly and an app on my Android phone I can do something a little more permanent and customise this aspect by coding. Which...
  17. Introductions
    Hi all, I am a newbie BMW owner and it's my 1st proper car. I live in Bedfordshire and I have a 2007 M sport 318i car. Have a great day!
  18. Introductions
    Hello forum Newbie here saying HI ! I've had a few BMWs over the years - 520 in the mid 1990s, 320 after that then two X3 models. Recently I bought a Z4 E85 which I need some advice on which is why I joined the forum. So hey ! Hello :)
  19. Introductions
    Just a quick note to introduce myself. Finally purchased a pre facelift f31 a few months ago and really enjoying the car. Located in Cheshire.
  20. Introductions
    Hi all, I have just acquired a 'honest' 1984 635Csia in silver with oxblood leather. It runs well and has loads of history (head rebuild, transmission rebuild, new wings). I'm based in Woking, Surrey UK. MoT is due in October and it needs some welding to the sills and a new cat back exhaust...
1-20 of 500 Results