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  1. 318 vs mx5 vs mr2 (track/hill climb/sprints)

    BMW Competition Corner
    Looking at buying either one of these cars, have read various things on the mx5 and mr2 but not much on the 318 compact.. Anyway I would like to start competing in sprints and hill climb as well as doing some track days. The group B class allows me to have any car up to 2L built after...
  2. Photoshoot of my e46 and friends MX5 plus photoshop

    General BMW Discussions
    Firstly sorry for the poor quality camera, we dont have a decent SLR or anything so used my iphone lol
  3. Rich's low and wide mx5 turbo

    not a BMW
    Hi, Just noticed this section,so thought i'd throw up a few pics of my other project car aside from the 328.Iv'e had this for around two years.I purchased it completely standard and in pretty rough condition.I then spent the last two years building it up to what it is now. The turbo kit is...
  4. Just sold my mx5 turbo and coming back to a bmw hopefully!

    Hi all, I was on here a fair while ago when I had my e36 323 which I sold on and went through another 5 or so cars then bought an mx5, painted it nato green, dropped it, turbo'd it and done a lot of little mods. However my laptop decided to die meaning mapping it was going to cost a bunch of...
  5. From a Tiny Track Mx5 to a E36 Touring....

    I'm going to start of by saying I'm totally new to the BMW world, I've always owned Japanese cars, recently replaced my semi track mx5 for a big bmw, I picked up my e36 about 3weeks ago, and there is alot of things I need to sort out. heres a pic of how the car is standing at the moment. il get...
  6. 1998 z3...thinking of fitting mx5 mirrors

    BMW Z Series - Tech Talk Z1, Z3, Z4, Z8, Z9
    hi there,anybody ever attempted to fit mx5 door mirrors to a 98 z3 or come to that any zd.the base of the mirrors look to be a similar size and theres more choice of mx5 mirrors than bm cheaper too,think i'll go for it sort out the electrics on the way,would be nice to no if anybody has ever...