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  1. Toyota 2005 Mr2 in BMW Shakir Orange

    Other items for sale - Anything LEGAL and not BMW
    I know its not a BMW but its been resprayed in magnifficent Shakir Orange!! please check ebay if interested Toyota Mr2 Roadster 1.8 VVTI , low miles, one off colour, excellent condition ,
  2. 318 vs mx5 vs mr2 (track/hill climb/sprints)

    BMW Competition Corner
    Looking at buying either one of these cars, have read various things on the mx5 and mr2 but not much on the 318 compact.. Anyway I would like to start competing in sprints and hill climb as well as doing some track days. The group B class allows me to have any car up to 2L built after...
  3. MR2 recaros to fit an e36

    BMW Detailing, Bodywork and Styling forum
    Mates got a pair of superlight recaros from a mk3 MR2 and was wondering if anyone knew if a quick mod would be viable to get them to fit my e36 or if it'd be a nightmare, pls advise ;)
  4. Should i swap my bmw e36 320i se for an MR2 t-bar

    General BMW Discussions
    hi guys just wandered if anyone had any knowledge on MR2's ? i have been offered one in a swap, the car looks ok from the outside and inside ( only seen photos ) but does anyone know anything about them? this has a welded diff nice wheels, nice leather interior only done 110,000 + miles.. here...
  5. Swapping my MR2 for a 323iSE Auto

    Hiya guys n gals, well as title really. I have the oppertunity to do this and was wondering whether it was a good move or not. Now i do need to check the mileage and if the timing belt has been done, also the RNS bush needs replacing (you can hear a knock when going over a manhole cover)...