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  1. Approved Used - warranties and MOTs

    General BMW Discussions
    If I understand correctly, Approved Used cars are sold with 12 months warranty and MOT. Couple of thoughts occur... Warranty: Let's say a car has 9 months remaining on the original manufacturer's warranty when it's sold on as an Approved Used. Would it come with just a 3-month top warranty, or...
  2. Curious about previous MOTs

    General BMW Discussions Not sure if this is common knowledge...certainly was a new one for me! Looks like you can check up on previous MOTs for your current car and/or intended purchase. Haven't tried it out as yet as I'm at work but thought...
  3. think caravan's should have MOTS!! grrr

    BFuk Open Topic
    ok today i was driving and had a police car behind me then a caravan being pulled by all things a audi q7 comes the other way, then a white big thing comes flying of the caravan so i hit my brakes to miss the sunroof but..... a can of cola was under my armrest and it went well flying! all cola...
  4. Two MOTs from different garages, completely different fails/advisories from each?!?!

    General BMW Discussions
    Has anyone had this problem before? I've taken my car in for an MOT at a well known and respected garage and it failled on several things, this was over a month ago and the car has been off the road. I repaired several of the fails (dampers, bushes etc) but there were a few i couldnt fix myself...